Why does it feel like bigger builds are hating on smaller bu

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  1. Just do your jasw, no need to spam forum. It's a good idea just annoying by all the post.
  2. After running several training wars its very quick to be able to distinguish who is naturally good at warring and who requires "special attention".

    If more players would take the time to join an established war clan and actually learn how to war, on and off system there wouldn't be a need for these kind of debates in the first place.
  3. The only point i can take into consideration is the fact that kaw would not be able to handle more tournaments ... If indeed that is a fact .. I respect that.

    But dont come tellinge that the lack of war experence means i cant join a simple tournament (not all star) where in the end one is declared the winner and may get a small little reward.
  4. At deano ... It is hard to find a warring clan .. And to be honest im a old school guy from 2010 who left for a while and came back to tje EB stuff ... I dont really see many wars hapoenning as they did before
  5. @ deano ... Also the fact that i join a war and would get hands on experience would not mean that i would not want a warring tourney where clans advance to play the next winner until the last man is standing
  6. Dude, go ahead and organize your own tournament. You don't need approval from anyone to do it.
  7. Here's a point for you OP. Those T4 and T2 buildings you have there. Yea the ones that gave you the stats you have. I paid 25 and 26 Billion for them. So when little morons like you start complaining, It makes me want to insure slow growth for you. In fact it is really hard to watch you grow and complain at the same time. Have a GREAT day!
  8. That's not a point
  9. I'm not sure you quite understand KaW and have that much experience.
    More experienced players help starters by volleying and giving advice. However if a small person does something wrong, the bigger people get a little irritated. It all depends on the 'small person' not the bigger ones
    My opinion is that more experienced players are getting too close to beginners unlike your opinion.
  10. It's called all star for a reason, why would the best warriors want to fight against hordes of untrained noobs. It's so ridiculously easy to pick up how to war, especially as these tournaments were only eight hours long unlike the previous asw which was 24.

    Also most of the well established war clans have boot camp style training clans who will always pick up people eager to learn.
  11. Bro your smaller build is about to get farmed
  12. My first advice to you would be to shut your mouth, be more active and grow, instead of complaining. I never had problems as a beginner cause i listened to more experienced players and learnt.
    Look at all the people that you have managed annoy..lol
  13. Everyone smaller is a noob. Everyone bigger is a eb noob.
  14. Meh.. We are all noobs. Some have just been playing it longer than others.

    War is for active players.
    If you're good at war, it means you have time to play KaW.

    Not everyone can do full system wars or endless OSW.

    Some players don't have the time, so they take from KaW what they can.

    That may be to just brainlessly hit an epic, scratch the battle list or join a little system war that "war vets" love to mock.

    Who cares?

    Make more sense to mess with players that have your same mind set toward the game. That would be more of a challenge.

    Remember, it is a 9 game. Therefore kids can comprehend it.
    Let's not over think it.

    Have fun, however you hit.

  15. I think their point is that it takes little to no time at all to be ranked if you play consistently and the devs time would be spent better elsewhere
  16. Posting my feelings and opinions should not be a reason to farm anyone. It should not be a reason to even get annoyed. We should all be able to get along even with our differences.
  17. Posting my feelings and opinions should not be a reason to farm anyone. It should not be a reason to even get annoyed. We should all be able to get along even with our differences.
  18. Covert that makes sense .. I can see the devs taking time to make a tournament for smaller builds and messing up the ASW ... I guess one can only wish .. We'll live
  19. Troll why are you farming me ?