Why do "low effort" threads get locked?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by xXD3mOnXx, Jan 26, 2018.

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  1. ...or you can make Michael paranoid and he'll keep it alive forever. He'll prob stickie it soon

  2. Standards lol
  3. If you really want to change how the mods including michael work @Todd, insults arent the way to do so. Constructive criticism, tell them what they did wrong and how to do better, dont get caught up on insults.
    My point: Mods should only lock threads if:
    A) OP is highly offensive/spamming (lock+forum ban)
    B) Thread is highly derailed AND the new subject is of no value (Constant insulting for no reason, spamming..) (Lock)
    C) Constant necrobumps being the only reason its alive (Example, kotfe clan threads.. Come on. Lock. Just necrobumped every few months.)
  4. Demon it's absolutely hopeless ...the point that yogurt made earlier about anonymity and being judged by your peers ABSOLUTELY applies to Michael. Michael is the type who needs ALOT of structure to stay functional. He's probably very religious. He's interacted on this thread more then all other threads combined. He's only interest is in defending his actions. He's a mindless bot doing what he's programmed to do. He's done nothing but prove my point this whole thread.

  5. So THIS thread has two of the qualifiers mentioned above ...so why isn't it locked? If it didn't involve Michael himself he would've locked this thread by now right? ...point proven.

    Demon there's absolutely ZERO reason for them to change modus operatum, remember ZERO peer pressure or societal pressure to change ...their income or rep nothing absolutely nothing is on the line for them so why are they going to change? Because you/we/I want them to?? LOL
  6. Trying to appeal to their intellect is seriously a waste of time ...they're motivated by ego.

    IN B4 LOCK ...hurry before paranoid/insecure Michael defends himself again
  7. Trollllllllllllllll lol

    I didn't mention any thread that post. Why are YOU caught up with it? Was that another alt? Or are you just caught up on me? Hmmmm.... Which is it Today?
  8. I dont see this thread being any of those 3.
  9. Up until recently, there was a decent enough debate, engaged conversation about the current rules and at least the attempt for me to see it from your points of view despite not looking at it from mine. Everyone says just let the low/no effort threads die but refuse to think of what they do to an already lifeless active topics section in forums. Trolls complain that mods are not visible enough to the kawmunity but then when we are we are criticized. I get it. Some of this thread was actually useful and I learned a different perspective. I even attempted to reach out to Demon via pm to discuss further. Other parts were less than educational (i.e. Todd, TZ, Demon toward the last couple of pages, etc...). In any case, I'll continue to do what I do until I am told it is wrong by devs/support. If anyone would like to discuss privately, feel free to pm.
  10. 1. I looked at it from your point of view. Extensively.
    2. Low effort threads do not kill the forums. Not in any way. I explained why that is, too.
    3.I think what most complain about is the lack of positive visibility in mods. The only things you're seen doing is ignoring players in favour of other mods, locking threads and silencing selectively. Criticism is a part of life, and something you have to learn to deal with.
    4. You reached out to me in pm, but completely ignored my response. Hard to have a discussion if there is no response from you.
    5.If you have anything to put against the arguments i made up, as you say.. less educationally.. be my guest.
  11. I feel this thread is starting to run ij circles. We need someone new with a new perspective to weigh in, or it wont actually go any further.

    Its nice to see an actual discussion formulate here on forums though. Gives a guy hope for the future.
  12. Theres been good discussion but it really hasn't gone anywhere. Were still at square one of us being upset that threads get locked and thread lockers not willing to change their policies. I dont think anything will come of this until ATA actually weigh in, but that's a problem because they never do. It's a problem for a different reason too though, because the thread lockers seem to be adamant on not changing their policy until ATA says something, which they will never do.
  13. For sure. Its just that the mods ARE following the rulebook. Its all completely justified and understandable.

    Players are just sayin "maybe ya dont need to letter for letter?"

    Best solution is a revision on that ToU
  14. Unfortunately developers dont care about kaw anymore. Havent for years now. Up to the mods to change their ways im afraid
  15. Michael this is the most you've ever contributed to any thread ever and all you've done is defend yourself ...ie: "I'm right" "I do what I think I'm supposed to be told". I'm not expecting you to be like Yarmes but seriously try to have more brain capacity then a lump of dirt. Most the mods have been crap but you take the cake. You're a brainless twit lol
  16. ...if we were ever all in the same lifeboat and it came down to custom of the sea I promise you'ld be the first on the menu lol
  17. You would think the same of Corinthian then. These mods are simply following their job descriptions. Its hardly an excuse to introduce personal insult.

  18. ....uh there obviously a certain amount of "interpretation" going on here as far as what mods are doing or not doing or what they're supposed to be doing. You said so yourself the standards don't exist. When they always "interpret" things their way they are not just doing their job.

    Those German soldiers during WW2 ...they were just doing their jobs, right? Following orders correct?
  19. Were also talking about human interaction and interpretation.

    If you installed bots instead to hunt down threads with single line openings, it would be even worse.
  20. Lol todd. Youre bringing in holocaust to a discussion about thread locking. Tone it back a tad. Its nowhere near that level of severity
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