Why do "low effort" threads get locked?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by xXD3mOnXx, Jan 26, 2018.

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  1. What blame is there to take TZ? I owned up to locking the one sentence thread. Apparently reading comprehension isn't your strong point.
  2. And Delphin is correct, there's no such thing as a quota. Keep grasping at straws. You're making yourself look worse and worse with each comment.
  3. You said you did it but you never said it was wrong of you. Theres a difference between admitting you did something, and admitting that something was wrong.
  4. Though, Michael, I'm sure you admit/recognize that some threads are purposefully left open by some mods and closed by others. This alone shows that there is a bit of a divide in opinions.

    Shifty here, I believe, just has the opinion that all threads should be left open (unless there's some sort of bypass present) regardless of how much effort or word count was put in- as all threads can be expected to have potential- obvious or not.

    Im also not entirely sure this thread is dedicated to a single thread that had been locked- or the entire idea of a thread being locked for lack of content throughout all of forums. Perhaps Demon, our OP here is better qualified to remark which is the case.
  5. lol tbh I don't think there was much harm in locking THAT thread  ...but there's been others in the past (many) that should not have been locked ...but then there's a few that should have been. I honestly think that if it's not harming anyone, breaking tou ...whatever, it should stay up. I do mean what I said earlier about living in a free society with freedom of speech, but then like I said before it's just stupid MMO and a dying one so hard to get too outraged by it.

    But let's say this wasn't just a stupid MMO and It was a RL interaction/situation ...or even a more serious blog/forums, to so flippantly exercise a power when it's not necessary usually becomes a slippery slope leading to abuse of that power. ...not to say it hasn't been abused here & not necessarily saying you yourself Michael have abused it. 
  6. In all honesty, I don't believe I did anything wrong by locking that thread. That was my gut feeling when I did and I still believe it. I'm not disagreeing that this thread has some thought provoking ideas on why some threads should be left open but for that particular thread, absolutely not.
  7. Thats a good point todd, however we should not forget that in a real life situation there is the problem of not being anonymous. Judgement by peers is something that forces a natural restraint and its quite rare to see anyone's freedom of speech, or perception thereof, obstructed physically or to any extent of the law. The obstruction comes mostly from a systematic idea of self restraint.
  8. Only ever really let go of in the event of a mob mentality forming.
  9. Delphin - I'm not certain why some threads are left open or locked. Prior to this thread, if I saw something that I thought should be locked due to low/no effort, I would lock it. While the rules back my decision, you've pointed out that the rules were for a different time in the game. But until those rules are changed, I continue to handle my responsibilities to the best of my ability. I am humble enough to know that I am human and make mistakes. The thread that was the catalyst to this conversation should have been locked I still believe.
  10. From a functional society viewpoint ie: liabilities, personal safety, slander etc. sure absolutely

    But from a philosophical viewpoint absolutely not ...& since THIS is not an RL situation (this forums here on an MMO-RPG) where money, reputation, etc etc are actually affected then Ild say that self restraint doesn't mean nearly as much ...now I'll admit it matters a tiny ass little bit because they are lotta dummies out there reading this and I do suppose we bare "some" burden to be accountable/responsible (lol)
  11. ...but like I said MMO- "RPG" 
  12. ANYONE claiming I'm the cause of KAW forums dying is a straight up butthurt loser 
  13. Oh Michael. Nothing ive said here is directed at you personally. I know the job all too well, and youre 100% in line with what is ecpected of you. Im more looking at the ToU as it stands and questioning "Is this really helping?"

    Forums used to be a thriving, living beast. There were days I would skim through 50 threads a day- and that srill didnt cover everything. Now, a good day sees maybe 50 posts.

    Im sure you agree that there is a marked decline in forum community activity. I don't know whata solution is, or even if one exists- but i'm becoming more aware that the rulesthat held it in check 5 years ago, may be throttling the overall health here.

    Yknow. The way i used to look at locking threads wasnt like "oh im shutting down this thread because it adds nothing"
    I looked at it as "Im shutting down a PERSON who had a thought." Maybe it wasnt fleshed out, or even contributing, but it was still a person on the other end of that screen.

    *sigh* Idk where i went with this. I started rambling at the end.
  14. Ill state this again.. I didnt make this thread in response to the thread you recently locked Michael. I disnt even read it until after I made this thread. I made it in response to the incredibly high amount of threads locked with poor reasoning, or absolutely no reasoning at all. Sometimes its straight up "I dont like what you're saying, so I'll lock the thread."
  15. I have never locked a thread because I didn't agree with what was being said. Based on what I know of the other mods, I can't picture them doing it either. But, I guess we will never know.
  16. I guess we’ll never know if you’re lieing or not because you would just refer back to the tou
  17. :lol: I wanna know why Michael is so hung up on that one thread lol. Dude we told you we don't care about that thread but you keep mentioning it :lol:

    By your own admission you almost never contribute to forums yet you've mentioned that one stupid thread Ike 6 times now :lol: :lol: ...this is the most forum activity you've EVER had :lol: :lol:

    If your feeling that guilty reopen that stupid thread :lol: :lol:
  18. Why would I feel guilty about following the tou? I don't need to create alts just to contribute in forums like others Todd.
  19. LOL there he goes again :lol: :lol: ...did that thread had a secret message in it? Why you so hung up on that "1" thread?? :lol: :lol:

    ...don't forget to take your pills this morning Michael :lol: :lol: you really are fixating on that "1" thread so much lol.

    In RL do you often find yourself fixating on one thing so much that it amounts to paranoia? ...are you really good at shooting pool? ...just curious

  20. There ya go kicking the can down the street. Spoken like a true asshat. “I pull more weight” or you just could have gotten the point. Opinions don’t put weigh each other just because of your volunteer “job”. Still just an opinion. Let the threads go and die on there own. You don’t need to lock just because you have the power. If it isn’t interesting it’ll die in 20 posts.
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