Why do "low effort" threads get locked?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by xXD3mOnXx, Jan 26, 2018.

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  1. lol that's my whole pint you absolutely don't ...you don't even lurk that much. You just pop in and for some out of the blue reason you'll lock a thread and/or silence someone then you disappear for weeks/months again ...you're not qualified to moderate forums
  2. Id rather have a mediocre meal than starve.
  3. It seems like the right people are mad at this.

    Support to Mods. I think this thread is derailed and should be locked too. It's just a pissing match with alts. Why entertain it?
  4. Be quiet YES MAN
  5. Yes Man!
  6. Best thread in months
  7. Well now it's definitely derailed. We better break out those locks and keys for this one. It's not getting better any time soon.
  8. Hmm. Except the OP also mentions how threads get derailed, so maybe talking about how the thread is derailed is rerailing it.
  9. You keep reading and posting so it must have something,even for you.
  10. lol threads been spot on target  only one derailing is the butthurt RL Echo-2lonely-Charlie idiot  ...he's butthurt cause he's gonna die a virgin and somehow thinks it my fault 

  11. ...we'll probably resort to "custom of the sea" soon if Michael has his way
  12. Michael has been so used to YES MEN that when somebody speaks out against him he doesn’t know what to do except fly into a jealous rage and get angry
  13. Yes man!
  14. Despite your efforts, it has stayed quite on topic.
  15. This is 90% of the reason threads get locked. Todd and d3mon. You two who complain about locked threads are the cause of most of it. And yeah low effort threads should be locked. Because all that happens is one of you two show up and go on and on with useless banter. You never offer anything to any thread outside of grade school name calling and post farming. Perhaps if you two left forums entirely more people would post again. But since you guys have trolled off all the decent thread makers nothing is left but nameless accounts making spam. I’m not saying I support any mods decision to lock one line threads because they very well could spark good conversation but statements or clearly thoughtless threads are another story.
  16. If someone leaves the forums because of others then they don’t really need to be in forums to begin with. I don’t think its any players fault that the forums are dead I think it relies soley on the fact that mods have a quota to lock threads. If a thread is good it would get back on topic. Most of the banter on here is because Michael refuses to take any blame(like always).
  17. Theres no quota :lol: it's all about individual moderator personality and their interpretation of the rules.
  18. That individual mod might have a quota
  19. Useless banter and post farming? Arent you the guy who only posts hate against me, and likes to make up stories about how you successfully stripped me? I dont know if you noticed, but I actually make serious threads, which you do not.
Thread Status:
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