Why do "low effort" threads get locked?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by xXD3mOnXx, Jan 26, 2018.

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  1. I should start calling you Do no wrong Michael because you cant seem to take any valid criticism well.
  2. You are indeed.
  3. Low effort threads like threads no one cares about but keep having ppl bump it to active? Lol
  4. That was a very drunken sloppy post, do you want to refine that?
  5. Trolls because they have a different view than you, Michael? I don’t think so.
  6. If it has to be bumped to be active, its not a good thread. Has nothing to do with how low effort it is. Simply lock any thread that gets necrobumped.
  7. This is riveting stuff. Can’t believe the level of feedback. So good. 
  8. Why bother lock "low effort threads"?.if they are low,no one will post on them and they die by themself.whats the harm letting them be unlocked?who decides whats low effort or not?
  9. No Support.

    (For old times sake)
  10. Indeed.
  11. Eh. Ive kinda come around in my thinking. Forums is different now. We used to abhore spammers and low effort, but now, anyone who actually frequemts forums can tell the life is gone. Mayne those spammers are needed to support the pace of the forum community?
  12. This is what I’ve been saying since day 1
  13. So because life is gone, it makes it ok for low/no effort threads? Accept mediocrity?

  14. Apparently you're too dense to understand ...we've all come to the conclusion that it's your ability to mod that's mediocre.

    If ATA wants to accept your mediocrity doesn't mean we have to
  15. Michael angry
  16. In a FREE society it's ALWAYS a bad idea to inhibit freedoms of speech ...you lock a thread for no other reason than you think it should be locked? it's the most flippant way to treat someone's freedom of speech, all your doing is empowering someone in the future to violate freedom of speech for a more nefarious reason.

    It doesn't matter too much here because it's just a stupid MMO but in RL you'ld be a fascist
  17. Angry over a tap tap game? Over a one sentence thread? Clearly, you know nothing about me.
  18. Typical Todd resorting to name calling instead of having an intelligent conversation/debate.

  19. Typical Michael never contributes just pops in to silence/graveyard and defend his actions

    ...name a thread in anyone's recent memory where you do anything other than defend mods whenever someone complains about them/you. You can't. They don't exist.
  20. I've never stated that I do contribute to forums so....
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