Why do "low effort" threads get locked?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by xXD3mOnXx, Jan 26, 2018.

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  1. Uhh.. run from what? Ive never ran from any osw, even when ive been alone vs entire alliances ive never asked for a cf, much less ran. You're just throwing false accusations because you're irrelevant and salty.
    As far as reports go.. In my kaw career i have reported exactly 3 players. All from a certain botting clan.
  2. Sadly for you op. I’m not throwing accusations. And salty ? Salty over what? You begging in pm for a cf not once but twice that’s been screen shot. Sorry. But a lot of people on line app enjoyed laughing at you begging over a tap tap game. You’re so low you should just quit dude.
  3. Mind showing these screenshots? Seems to me you are salty if you're willing to waste time trying to make random crap up about me. Seems i am very important to you. Im flattered.
  4. As if I would keep screen shots. Are you really that much of an imbecile ? You are.
  5. :lol:
  6. lmao you're calling him an idiot and claiming there's SS to back your claim then when he says post the SS you say he's an idiot for asking you to post them and you admit you don't have them and would be a moron or imbecile ...whatever for having them  ...ok maybe he's an idiot but you straight up meth-crack head 
  7. Agree.... but you and your mod friends’ opinion on low effort is just what it is....an opinion. I don’t know how to do threads like ashes and I assume that most of kaw is in the same boat. As long as the posts stay near the original concept of ops then it shouldn’t be locked. I’ve seen mods locking just to lock a unwanted player’s thread. As a community we should be able to use the same concept as mods. Maybe be we can get at lock button for low effort mods. This may quickly kickstart the mods efforts in wc communication with the community and not just amongst themselves in wc.
  8. *Makes completely irrational claim* *Has no evidence* Sounds like a christian to me

  9. It's supposed to be or should be low "content" not effort. If a thread is thought provoking or encourages a meaningful conversation the thread should stay up, no matter how low effort the OP is.

    ...mentioning AshesOfEden, he's threads sucked they literally had ZERO content. They were literally butt kissing threads. NOTHING MORE. They weren't even that funny or amusing ...flashing boob gifs and you basement dwelling shutins who never meet women in RL get your jollies off on that ...literally ZERO content. That goes to show you what ZERO standards the mods have since most of them were fans of his ZERO content threads.

    High effort butt kissing to get attention ...& literally ZERO content ->"ZERO"<-

  10. What I find interesting about this thread is that it was started after I locked a one sentence thread that wasn't thought provoking, provoking any kind of conversation and/or debate. It simply said:

    "I will be teaching a class on sko-ing in ee wars twice a week in wc check back for times"

    Now someone please tell me what is so thought provoking. How is this not considered low effort/no effort? There's not a question in that thread. It's a statement. No topic for debate. I guess trolls will be trolls.
  11. While im aware its likely a troll given the poster, its not certain. Should he have been serious its an announcement to a community event. Indeed its low effort, but my point is that is no reason to lock a thread. If nobody cares about his announcement, it'll die on its own. If people do care, its a thread that deserves to flourish.
    Oh, and i didnt write this thread because of that post. This problem has been going for years.
  12. If people do care, its a thread that deserves to flourish.

    How can a thread flourish if there's zero content behind the topic? Seemed more of a status update rather than a thread.

    As for who posted it, that doesn't matter to me. Low effort/no effort threads are just that no matter who posts it.
  13. Well my opinion on the matter carries a lot of weight, now doesn’t it? If you feel we aren’t working up to standard, feel free to lodge a complaint.
  14. Because the amount of effort put into the thread doesnt measure the amount of interest it can spark. A one sentence thread can be more interesting than an essay of crap.
  15. Valid point about effort/interest. That being said, I go back to my original point that the way the thread was posted, didn't seem to be looking for interest. It was a very specific statement.

  16. You're not getting his point though. His point is regardless of OP original intent the thread can gather steam on its own due to someone else posting something that initiates discussion ...you're just not giving it the chance.

    ...sometimes you gain insight or knowledge by wandering off the beaten path a little bit ya know, or just listening a little or be willing to listen more, by opening your blinders just a little more.

    His point being that if it doesn't what's the harm as long as it's not offensive etc etc?
  17. So you can graveyard a thread so you do it just because you can? ....a lotta worthless nonentertaining threads go on and on and on and you guys let them.

    So what the actual standard here?

    ...seems like just because you can when you feel like it

    Not only are you obtuse but you're narcissistic about it. You're exercising power control or control over something for no other reason then you can and it triggers some kind of positive pleasing response to you that effects absolutely nobody else.
  18. Michael thinks he’s the be all end all when it comes to knowing whats going to “take off” in the forums.
  19. As I stated earlier, trolls will be trolls.
  20. Is this a joke ?
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