Why do "low effort" threads get locked?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by xXD3mOnXx, Jan 26, 2018.

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  1. Why should a thread that is, according to a mod, low effort be locked? If the contents of the post isnt offensive, shouldn't the amount of interest decide whether or not it dies, rather than the judgement of a random person who likely doesnt even know what the thread may be about? Different story if the thread gets derailed, but locking interesting threads just because OP was "low effort" seems like a poor excuse.
  2. Indeed. My old friend Dillybar’s low effort thread pokes some fun at this point and subsequently became one of the longest running threads ever.
  3. This had far more importance before. The dichotomy of forums is staggering though, and rather than attempt at building discussion, mods are holding on to archaic reasoning of a long unnecessary law. Why adapt when there's little consequence- and the ones that exist are viewed uncaringly.

    Btw. If youre passing a horse on the road, remember to pull into the ditch and dismantle your vehicle.
  4. Same
  5. Because the mods love locking threads for no reason and killing forums. Im pretty sure they have a quota they have to reach each day.
  6. Ive always thought locking threads only contributes to the slow state of the forums. I dont think threads should be locked for any reason.
  7. Besides if an OP has requested it, or the topic has become completely derailed WITHOUT the op present, I completely agree with you, Yogurt
  8. Locking low effort threads is not the same concept that it used to be, so consequently I don’t do it hardly ever anymore. Back in my forum heyday, people were posting new threads all the time. Forums were healthier and livelier. Low effort threads were more of a problem and plagued the top results.

    Anyone that’s been around for many years can attest that forums is a much different place than it used to be, for better or worse. I think Delphin, as a former forum mod, can at least agree with me there. With that, I personally have changed my methods and don’t see any point in locking a thread if it’s popular, just because there isn’t much to ops post. Am I in the right? Technically not by the rulebooks. But that’s the beauty of moderating the forums, a lot of it is case-by-case.
  9. Avatar, I stand by what I said, although I apologize for lumping all mods together. A faceless, nameless entity that executes unexplained locks can only be referred to as "the mods." Glad to see you recognize it as well.
  10. Pretty sure Mei, Michael, and Moody are the main contributors to locking threads
  11. That's just the rules
  12. Why? An excellent example would be the one locked at 6:02 am this very morning.There is a difference between a "thread" and a random comment which could have well been posted in WC or CC,for that matter. :roll:
  13. Which thread? If the "random comment" sparks interest it deserves to stay unlocked as it clearly is there for a reason.
  14. This dude acting like the worlds going to end if the mods let one thread go through thats against their tou lol
  15. Op is the biggest snitch in this game. He’s not just a runner he’s also the moron who always complains to mods to lock threads.

    Now he makes a thread about it. That’s gold. He’s almost as stupid as shifty
  16. As avatar said, back in the day forums was healthier but these days forums are just getting there, before then we lock low effort threads which contains spam material where players are posting on purpose.

    Why we lock threads? We lock threads and remove them to the graveyard to keep forums active, by locking threads and not moving, active topics won’t able to have their threads on first page.

    These days forums has little activity so threads that mean something now won’t be locked, like questions or certain discussion but if it is just spam on purpose those threads will be locked and removed.

    Doesn’t mean moderators are lock hungry, we just keeping forums clean.
  17. Oh yeah & you NEVER snitch huh? 

    ...Hi Eagle :)
  18. Shut up bionicbaby do I need to whoop ur ass again?
  19. When have i ever ran?
    When have i ever "complained to mods"?
    You're just a talker who thinks you're important when you're about as important as a fly. About as intelligent, too.
  20. Op is extremely well known as a runner. He has not just run but sprinted from a stack of osw as soon as they start. He runs. He has boasted numerous times when he reports someone so we can all see how bad ass he is for being the head snitch.

    The guy is arguably as pathetic as shiftys online relationship with his hand that he named melon
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