Why did you decide to play a game on your phone?

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  1. This will not be a thread for your viewing pleasure or forum post farming. Think hard and contribute something meaningful to this thread.

    Why did you decide to play games on your phone?
    1) Games can negatively affect your phone.

    2) If you rage, your phone is at risk of being thrown. Onto the bed or at the wall, both are not good for your phone.

    3) Games cause your phone to heat up and may cause some parts to lose functionality.

    4) Games lower your phone's brightness over the time as its screen wears out from prolonged display of high resolution images.

    5) Games encourage you to eat more fatty foods and become more socially anxious, causing you to use your phone while on the toilet, coming into contact with urine, feces, and other body products.

    6) During your lunch or dinner, you are prone to behaviors such as playing games on your phone and getting food particles onto its surface, adding even more bacteria to the filthy object it is, touched and not cleaned properly.

    7) Games can cause your phone's CPU to overheat and become unstable, leading to abrupt shutdowns.

    8) Games consume battery life much quicker than it can be replenished via charging.

    Add your own outrageous, exaggerated additions below about how bad games are for your phone.
  2. This isn't a game, it's kingdoms at war
  3. "Games caused my spouse to cheat on me"
  4. Why did you decide to make a thread in a phone game forum?
  5. The world may never know
  6. Cocaines a hell of a drug
  7. Do you mean kawcaine? Damn you autocorrect.
  8. Because you're not able to play on a console at the moment. Or said console is broken. :(
  9. Yeah for some reason my refridgerator won't download the app and even if it did it's too big too carry around

  10. When you buy a brand new phone and need everyone to know....

    ~Written on my iPhone 7+ I bought 2 months ago for about £60 a month including insurance which the screen is a little bit scratched and also the back is red
  11. Show me the proof that games cause you to eat fattier foods. I can show proof that gaming causes you to be healthier than most people could ever dream of. Especially those who game for a living.
  12. Did you make this thread because of your a mad pc user that doesn't have legends?
  13. because I THOUGHT this game had a community.
  14. Because of drunk