Why Chongo gone down?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *PegasusSeiya (01), Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. @harvester, who says its a rumor ... Phil just had the pelotas to post it on forums lol.
  2. Give me a week. Il take that number one
  3. Why so bitter Teesa  Every post you have here conveys anger and jealousy. Glad to know you have so much hate for people on an online game 
  4. Hey pooly :) long time no speak 
  5. Suarez is going to leave.
  6. No bitterness.  This forum posting business is fun. Finally having freedom of speech rocks 
  7. I was told not to post anything more about GoF on this thread. Thought I'd be a little defiant and throw in a couple of extra jabs to get a reaction  which you just gave me so thanks pooly 
  8. I'm always happy to make people who respond to themselves on online forums feel good about themselves Hell if I don't, no one else will 
  9. 
  10. it seems to me sighting a decrease in xtal use could be explained by account change. but, it could also be explained by real life isses, such as decreased time, funds, interest, pressure of keeping the top account, taking his kawing in a different direction, etc,etc. why should account transfer be favored over any of these explanations.
  11. I bought the account, why are you guys so worried? Had a bank error my card should be here monday
  12. 1500 dollars a week holy shiz
  13. Cella was getting way more successful actions per day than chongo and it was just a matter of time until he was passed. End of discussion please.
  14. Ya know. I just read the whole thread n yet all i want to know is who the hell spends $300 a day on a game? I had trouble shelling out 50 for the pro pack
  15. A lot of people spend money daily.
  16. And here we are. 5 years later from this post. Anyone who posted still active?
  17. Why necrobumping a old thread?
  18. Please lock. Low effort.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.