Why Chongo gone down?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *PegasusSeiya (01), Aug 2, 2013.

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  2. Kinda weird impersonating someone isn't it 
  3. @sugah

    Chongo was not bought by zaft. And one big reason it went down was because the new owner got caught in that exploit problem.
  4. I didn't think it was bought by Zaft. It's pretty common knowledge (at least through the grapevine) who has it now. I heard he couldn't get possession of it back which would suck if true.

    Are you sure about the exploit? Can't imagine risking an account like that unless it was the temp owner I guess.

    Anyways that's all the confirmed rumors I've heard. Don't shoot the messenger as Phil would say 
  5. Phil likes to accuse people of violating TOU.. Makes him feel like he has something worthwhile in his pants
  6. Guys... Maybe it wasn't bought... Maybe he just got bored of all the loner clingers that spent their life asking him for volleys and so gave it to his friend or 2nd in command at MG. I know I'd rather give it to someone I trust with the account than sell it to some weird stalker person. Just an idea. Now let the picking to bits of this theory commence...
  7. Jabba, you would rather give it to a friend then make 5-10 thousand off it?
  8. I think he don't like KaW anymore lol
  9. This happened after the first double haunt. Hmm wonder why that would mean anything... I think he didn't xtal on ambush or evescence or something. Anyways he I still extremely high lmfao
  10. Also could be a new owner lol. But noticed that is when he went down lol

  11. Maybe the guy got a girlfriend. Did you ever think of that?
  12. Phil don't accuse people of something when you have no proof. The chongo account never used the glitch and false accusations are ban worthy 
  13. Anyone who spends real money on this game is pathetic.. All the leaderboard saddos really need to get a life.. People take games way to serious. Look out the window, there is a real life out there instead of a crap game. Goodbye.

  14. I suspect chongo is still getting hit by LB'ers and he lost some allies and funds due to the past OSW... so I assume Cella is getting more of those new lands then chongo while he is still recovering
  15. Maybe Chongo stopped nobbing? If so I wonder why...hmmmmmm..

    I guess it'll forever remain a mystery.
  16. Well first there was the big OSW. That hurt Chongo a lot. Then he put up a bunch of towers and stopped hitting ebs. That also hurt him alot. He also stopped xtaling as much.
  17. Her *

    Hurt her a lot. ;)
  18. Girl on fire was a rumour started by phil. Not saying I don't believe it or anything...
  19. U all need to let this thread die it is what it is .. Let it go lol
  20. Hey GoF, hey bob I see you watching
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