Why Chongo gone down?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *PegasusSeiya (01), Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Lol bro, first you say hes in Monster Garage, now hes just in a family clan?

    Stops spending as much $, changes clans.

    Do the math.
  2. Hes still a Monster Garage perm. Like i said bro.
  3. 'Cuz nobody in there right mind leaves that party at MG
  4. And like I said, maybe he sold account to a clannie, but never mind me.. That's crazy talk right?
  5. I heard a rumor that the account is controlled by aliens and they have to spend less bc of the recession on Mars
  6. Rumor has it that nobody cares.
  7. Let's add the rumors posted in this thread to our little notebook, which is neatly labeled 'Chongo'. Then, place it back on the dustless shelf, right next to Cella's notebook.

    He went down. Maybe he was on vacation? Does it really affect you?
  8. Chongo spends his summers swimming with the dolphins.. So he can only unload when he comes to the surface.

  9. If it was in fact sold I'd love to know how much somebody was willing to pay for it 
  10. @ fox

    :lol: exactly only the nobody's care
  11. I agree with page 3 comment from Sugah, that it's prob just just Zaft LB getting bigger
  12. I heard a rumour of who he sold it to, i wont say on forums, but if anyone pms me, ill tell them
  13. So does the new owner just inherit MG and it's members? That would be kind of awkward if you had been a perm there,not that he probably speaks to his members anyway
  14. Chongo is.... *cough* GoF *cough* lololol ---> recent power trips display it all... 
  15. Becuze chongo is a girl now. ( no offence to women. Just the one running chongo )
  16. ^^^ lololol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.