Why Chongo gone down?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *PegasusSeiya (01), Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Maintaining an lb account does incur some expense so I would assume if one did switch hands it would start to fall. Besides original owner built it and as such would usually care for it best. Imagine the power rush picking up an account like that. That might go to some people's heads.

    It's prob just Zaft lb account getting bigger though.

    Cheers 
  2. He heard rumors of Spragga coming back and ran in fear...
  3. Were the brakes he took disc, or drum?
  4. Remember They see they hate
  5. Just like the others have said. It takes a lot of money to maintain the (former) best account on KaW. Maybe he want's more time to spend in RL? Maybe he doesn't wanna spend as much?
  6. He dropped allies for T6. Then focused on building instead of ally trading.
  7. Heard the account is in different hands now, and new owner isn't as much of a money spender as the original owner. Of course those are just rumors, but looking at his stats, he doesn't crystal everyday anymore so it's safe to assume its different chongo
  8. Lahwf you sir, are an idiot.

    Carebear is right.
  9. Maybe his thumbs are sore?
  10. Because im sure you stay up to date on all things chongo ^
  11. They should ban account transfers. What a crock of crap to buy a LB account
  12. Because he dropped way before t6 retard.
  13. If his account was sold why would he stay in Monster Garage? And if the new supposed account owner wasnt a heavy spender, how would he've bought the account? Thats a big chunk of change!
  14. Because he got a life
  15. New owner does good in acting like old chongo though. Doesn't talk in wc, doesn't post forums, does almost everything that other chongo did.
    And I don't think the allies thing would matter. It's overall as in actions, but don't quote me.. Don't know much of the leader board lol
  16. "Why would he stay in MG"

    Whens the last time you saw him in MG idiot.
  17. Ok guys quit arguing its either a new guy or Chongo just isn't spending as much so choose ur side n let this dumb thread die
  18. oh dear god ur stupidity is driving me crazy, lets see, family clans. IGF is a family clan to what clan? Take a guess.
  19. Did you ever think maybe a clannie bought it? gee, that would be crazy right?
    Spending say 5k for the account is different than max crystaling everyday for the rest of your kawreer. That's a one time payment, not a full length spending.
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