Why Chongo gone down?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *PegasusSeiya (01), Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. His gone down in battle, allies, and resulted in number 2 in overall? What happen?
  2. Cella an ZAFT claimed #1
  3. He obviously lost some of his monthly income or his internet connection.
  4. Do people really care about these things?
  5. Because he isnt spendung as much money as he used to, or he's in an OSW where he's actually losing alot more pots than Cella.
  6. Rumor has it the account switched hands.

    But those are only rumors.
    Costs a looooot of money to stay on top here.
  7. I think chongo is tired of fighting for #1 spot,,I mean look how many are in zaft at top, he's pretty outnumbered, kinda sad
  8. To stay on top, you xtal out ever day. His wife may have been mad about his $1500 monthly bill to this game
  9. Sour 1500 is the 5 day bill they max nob everyday
  10. I think they set a limit on how much you can spend at once
  11. Lol ws
  12. Because he's not God.
  13. He heard I was gunnin for #1.
  14. Chongo just taking a small brake he still the best warrior of kaw he battle multiple leader boards and stay in the top for few moths after that now please do not comment anything out of place I need a new target and I will use this as and excuse I don't care who you are
  15. Isn't it $300 a day max?
  16. I believe the amount you can spend per day is higher then $300 now
  17. Its $300, was doubled from $150 a while back.
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