Why Bella sparks good change within KaW Forums

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  1. all 3 of you gay

    You should all go to the gun range and practice shooting (.22) ...”a-pew! “a-pew!”
  2. And once they had done that , go out for a bite to eat at an imaginary restaurant being served by 60k a year waitress in Buttsville Michigan
  3. 7 years and 5 forum posts. Why show face here? Lmaoo
  4. (.22) ...”a-pew!” “a-pew!”
  5. Laughable .... worst attempt at a insult ever from an adult , about right for a pre teen though
  6. You do realise how stupid you sound, yeah? Mr 5 years and 64M cs :lol:

    I've been foruming since 2010 and have a tally of 8k+ posts across accounts if that makes you feel better.
  7. We dont know the loser venom from this forums because he is from Asia worldchat on a vpn changer and he aint the famous iG v3nom that we know.Also the loser had tiny stats last year also untill hmmm you can guess the rest.
  8. He got those cracked itunes giftcards
  9. He used to go cow tipping and fight old ladies for their walking canes
  10. #BringBackWhiteVenom
  11. Ronald is 100% spot on. I've found this marvelous "VPN Changer" that changed my life. No lie. I've grown a foot taller thanks to this "VPN Changer" and my grammar has magically improved. It's a miracle.

    @Todd, I didn't hear you complaining.

    You know, everyone thinks it's easy but it's not. My last attempt at cow tipping sent me to the hospital, the cow fell on me. Feelsbadman.


  12. hmmm since you weigh more then the cow itself you shouldn’t be having a problem ...your problem lies in poor technique refer to your master bella for proper bovine wrestling maneuvers. She’ll teach you how to “mooooooove” that cow

  13. I like this guy
  14. I'm glad to see the forums aren't completely dead yet :lol:

    even though I'm scratching my head as to what this is about it was fun to read.
  15. Shots fired
  16. Venom the pig hired me for the 3rd time on his alt. I am now at 59T. Doesnt look like he is going to ever drop me haha.He knows a good asset and wont let anyone else hire me unfortunately. I am desperate for a new owner but this pig will go down fighting over owning me in the allie slots!! You never know he could have intentions to volley me up the allie L.B!!
  17. Who’s Bella
  18. HEY I called it first. “The side kick Ella” is the nickname I gave her.
  19. Grammar? We going there ? Why does it matter as long as you get point across? Just saying. You have been know to make mistakes.
  20. Domo, all of my posts don’t equate to a 4th grade level of grammar. I may mistype something now and again, but it’s hardly the level of ineptness that Roni bestows. That’s why I point it out. Simple things such as their and there can not be interchangeable and lack of punctuation is utter madness. #changemymind