Why Bella sparks good change within KaW Forums

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  1. @roni and everyone else focused on one point...

    who the hell cares that she borrowed an idea from someone else?

    Everyone takes inspiration from somewhere, even most artists in history... Specifically a realllly famous one called Pablo Picasso. They had a quote "Good artists copy, great artists steal".

    Of course Bella made whatever she drew inspiration from their own, surely.

    Not a blatent copy and paste like most threads.
  2. Yeah you’re right. Bella might breathe fresh air back into forums. After she’s done getting everyone banned and getting every thread locked so theirs no other option.

    Because crying to the mods and getting ppl forum banned and threads locked is the positive change this forum needs, omegalul
  3. proof?
  4. She got me day banned, she got bachkeda day banned, she got lilly day banned, she got snoopys thread locked, etc.
  5. I didn’t get banned

    ...bella sucks, all her threads suck, you suck too lady K 
  6. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=184507. Everything kasama accuse's us of he is guilty of.Lets remind him of his hate campaign against me, Skinnyminny and Toddbacon. And kasama has deep rooted plagurizing bone's also.No wonder he can relate and is covering up for belladonna.Who can forget the thread he wrote completely plagurizing the stickied thread written by deadly forumex viewtopic.php?f=5&t=177442&sid=db43c6c5681d5aa070cf19f3c47c8b5d.But least kasama gives the original writter a mention unlike belladonna who didnt give any honourable mention to the orginal writter before she began. if we didnt give the accolade to sizzlebeef and Dr Snoopy then no one would be none the wiser.
  7. Oh, wait, you mean to tell me that advice threads or blogs are solely Sizzles, or Snoopys idea? Hmm. Tell that to Dear Abbey, tell that to Dear Polly, tell that to Ask Bear, tell that to Dear Prudence, tell that to Carolyn Hax. All of whom are noteable advice columnists. Did they steal their idea as well from Sizzlebeef or snoopy?

    The only person who gets banned are the ones who break the ToU. If you were banned, you broke ToU. Plain and simple, end of discussion. I certainly can not ban people. Just as I’m not and never was a mod for anything. Roni thinks she knows my history but the fact is, she doesn’t. No one in this game knows my history. Everything Roni has said about me is a lie. She thinks if she says it enough times, that it will miraculously make it true. It won’t.
  8. Not really true. Only the trolls talk solely about her. I really dont care.
  9. I don't need to lie, i know i got it right about who you were lilith and you also being iBabyAlienAbductYou a pimd moderator. A moderator confirmed i got it right.
  10. You clearly have no idea about anything. I am not, nor was I ever “Lilith”, I have never been a moderator for anything, and you got nothing right. Nice attempt at trying to tell someone about their own history though, you fail.
  11. Who is talking smack hunny, I asked a question to Roni what was the difference between Bella borrowing/stealing columnists ideas and you plagiarizing other authors written works (which you do so constantly)
    And here you go filling up forums with tears and petty school girl insults
    I have noticed you haven't made any threads lately ..... have you run out of other peoples ideas ?
  12. You are nor?
  13. Thanks for pointing out my grammatical error. I mistyped and I now corrected it. :)
  14. Sadly you’re mistaken this time Roni, have babyalien in pm, Line and WhatsApp and they aren’t even remotely the same individual. Completely different writing styles and completely different personalities.
  15. Thanks for the verification, Drgn. Not that I needed it, but it’s good to get things clarified here.
  16. Didnt need the verification? Of course you didnt because you just get all facts and comments deleted or people forum banned or threads locked which tell who you are.if you're not her which you are reaveal who you really are. And of course your kaw boyfriend would cover up for you as well.You been manipulating him and taking advantage of him for your gain. If you wasnt who i stated then you wouldn't have got my comment's deleted straight away like a guilty subject. Your whole identify is shrewn in secrecy because you're dodgey. Nobody trust's iffy people who cant be straight up to member's. You already killed forums even worse than how it was before. I am now going to take a forum retirement. it'd be funny to watch how you can revive it. I doubt you can because i foresee you iBabyAlienAbductYou / lilith will be the nail in its coffin and not it's saving grace.Quickly get this comment deleted also like you got all my other's. Proving you're a snitch and untrustworthy and not worth the kaw member's friendship.Shame on you drgn she even got you lying as well.
  17. Called out? Dam boi
  18. Anyone surprised? All Ronald does is make up stories. :lol:
    One of his best stories has been about the imaginary OSWs he's been in.
  19. Girl, first, learn some proper grammar so people can understand you.

    Secondly, I don’t need to reveal who I am. No one needs to know, especially not you.

    Thirdly, you got your posts deleted by being inflammatory, derailing, harassing and slanderous. I didn’t post them under your name, you did. So, next time, don’t break ToU and you won’t have to worry about being banned.

    Lastly, the only one lying is you, Roni girl. Maybe if you kept up with them, you wouldn’t have to try so hard. XD
  20. how does one person who isnt a mod get you or so and so banned or lock threads?

    That seems like something out of their control?