Why Australian Gingers Run the most?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by XlIIlJaCk_-_FrOsTxxXIIlIIl, Mar 3, 2015.

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  1. F-u-r-y, Furyan. Whatever other accounts you have....I thought you were taking time off. I thought you had a family emergency? Yet here you are walling me and blocking me and walling me and hitting me with an alt....you seem to be on quite a bit for someone who is "taking a break" for family reasons....

    well last OSW you ran from OSW and disappeared on your clan for months because you were having a "mental breakdown"

    then when war ended you came back and continued as admin which you don't deserve.

    this osw you were one of the first to drop their allies and upgrade to avoid being stripped...and then what?...

    well then you came up with another reason to get rid of the rest of your allies and sell off your pots to explain you going away (running from sow) yet again during OSW.

    You are no warrior . You are an eb fairy. Don't talk smack to people its embarrassing when people in carnage know the truth and even pass info on to your enemies because they know you are a fraud.
  2. australian gingers are the worst sort of ginger.
  3. First up - I was never in whatever clan or eb or osw you are talking about. I dun even kno u breh.

    But I am an Australian Ginger. So, I guess... ty for the thread. :oops:

  4. lol
  5. You take that back Word!!

  7. those cats are supposed to be orange!

  8. happy?
  9. zEdit - I am happy!

    There we go..

    But anyway, if there is another Australian ginger floating around, I will totes recruit them to my League for our eventual and totes successful KaW takeover.
  10. I always love these butthurt threads. :)

  11. tell me about it ... i wouldn't have had to post it if the runner wasn't a coward and posted junk on my wall and then blocked me like a coward.

  12. I don't see how it's the community's problem. Care to elaborate? :?

  13. no, its really none of your business and i really don't care about your responses or anyones responses. i don't care about cat posts. I just really don't care. The message was sent to the noob i wanted it to get to and i know since he's on he will see it. That really is all that needed to be said. So my work is done here.

  14. Instead of posting a thread if it's no ones business, (I swear OP's logic is killing me. ) how about you let him know on his NF? Hmm? ;)
  15. [​IMG]
    Why post this? I don't really believe that this is needed at all. You want to point out that he's a "runner"? Then post in wc, post on his wall. Don't come to forums to rant.
    Just my two cents
  16. Hey, do you wanna go for a cup of tea sometime? :lol:

  17. learn to read...he blocked me after noob raging my wall. so go away close your computer and go watch mickey mouse clubhouse kid
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