Who would you consider the best all around Kaw player and wh

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  1. i was in Ancienne clan on a alt for a long time .both her and her husband are great clan owners and very funny in clan chat. ill get my old alt name to prove it . they are on my wall. UrimNthummim is old alt celeborn is on my wall .a free seal dropped from haunting thats the meaning of his comment.
  2. Fun Fact: The_Philosopher's 3rd post ever was June 11,2011.

    Frogs 2 post ever was also June 11, 2011 asking for philos thread to be unlocked.

  3. Stop acting smart tnt
  4. Happy_Cop
  6. Agrreeeeddddddd
  7. I'm voting GodKing Troll Machine as the best KaW player for dealing with the madness of the one who shall not be named.

  8. Or for making BC & top 50 Lb in 3 months?

    And top ten s4? Etc
    And starting the GK cult.
  9. You know his favorite food and color also?
  10. @Sugar- Steaks and green...duh.

  11. Scratch that. I'm the best player ever. Hated by many
    Loved by few
    Owner of the most annoyingly op ally ever. And I'm awesome.
  12. Silph for sure nice person he is in wc more than other top 10 lbs and he is funny guy
  13. op please can you delete -V- comment mentioning me please i told him to but he wont .he said he added it on here as a joke.
  14. Not many lb post in forums and just cause you spend doesn't make you good. Best indication is if someone does everything without others help. Most ppl use clans for their dirty work abd protection.
  15. Kaw ,Kaw_community and spragga

  16. Too many people to choose one single person. So I guess everyone in my home clan. But NCKZ, Leo, Superunkn0wn one of the original kaw I met.

    Tough question Midget
  17. SL55AMG and Happy_Cop are my votes. Both did fantastic things.
  18. I will vote for myself, and then have my alt sling moderate insults at this account, while reluctantly seconding the nomination.

    Also, Metallicana to do that well wothout spending is impressive.
  19. Teja :p hahaha
  20. I. Am. Amazing.