Who would you consider the best all around Kaw player and wh

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  1. Ajax ️
  2. My French maid soixante in warlor <3 that girl is hawt
  3. I think roni contributes the most he really knows how to move an entire community, hes really touched all of our hearts and made us all hate him thats really something truly special he has going on :)
  4. Say her name three times and she'll bombard you with "honesty" rants
  5. Gg. Best player
  6. But for real, ajax or val
  7. Laoda, IMO. Was one of the game's most individually powerful players ever as he was not only at the top of the LB, but also ran one of the game's most powerful clans for 5 years.

    Not sure if there's any other way you can win the game.
  8. Way toooo much time on your hands and way to boring thread and oooooohhhhh yyyyaaaaa who freaking cares. Get a life. Wwwwwwoooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  9. You took all of that right out of my mouth.
  10. 2046 was the best kaw player.
  11. Wythen or Tyger

    they both stand out as exceptional players
  12. NotTom #s5legend
  13. I'm gonna go with iProphet on this one. Sure, he burned out and left the game AFAIK, but he was cunning and calculating.

    He was an expert at mechanics, recruiting, deception, and perhaps most importantly, politics. He had a hand in every corner of the game. Moles and alts everywhere. As far as I know, it was iProphet's legacy that started the KaW idea of calling yourself an alt of someone else. When iProphet was around, you never really knew who his alts were because his alts were on councils of many big war clans during his heyday. I think there was even a thread about his alts in which many of us proclaimed to be an iProphet alt.

    He rose quick and burned out fast. Truly a guy who spent way too much time and money on this game. I wouldn't be surprised if he went bankrupt over KaW and sits begging on a street corner somewhere today.

    Not that I wish him that fate, but that's how committed to this game he was. Always giving the devs hell. He was notorious for threatening ATA with lawsuits. He exposed some of the most infamous ATA scandals in KaW history and I don't think he gets enough credit for that.

    He knew everything about everyone in this game. But he burned out quickly. I haven't heard a peep from him in years, but he did accomplish one of his biggest goals. He had a big hand in shaping this game politically and I'm not sure there are many people who are even aware of that.

    I honestly can't think of anyone else who comes close.

    Take a look at his wall. This was well before ZAFT fell. ZAFT was an impossible target when this post was made. It was sarcasm from the person who posted on his wall, but not sarcasm from iProphet.

  14. Honestly? I could say 3 people...

    Me, myself, and I.
  15. Most of concepts of kaw arent really hard to pick up on. A few of them you do have evolve with but most are "after you've seen/done it once, you know it".

    I wouldn't necessarily judge a player on that type of criteria. It would factor in but with kaw, its not so much what "you" know how to do, but who "you" know that does.

    Personally there have only been a few people, clan leaders actually, that were/are excellent at pulling resources from others and making the bigger objective happen.

    You can read forums to learn alot of the best methods for many different things but, imo, its the person who can wield the ones that know these thing for the bigger picture are the greater players.
  16. @ Cheese I’m not sure how threatening lawsuits makes someone a great player, especially if they quit.

    I agree with Kezzer. o_O____Frog____o_0 is the most accomplished, complete player in the game. He is also a huge jerk and egomaniac, but that's part of the appeal. This year alone he’s stripped two moderators and one VK just for kicks, as well as a few people stupid enough to mouth off to him in the forums. He was smart enough to join -Warlor- just before it became arguably the strongest OSW in Kaw.
    A very strong case could be made for him being the best EE player. After all, he did WC this year’s winning team and is the only player in Kaw’s history sporting three championship badges. He also brings in an element of danger as he is notorious for stripping during EE war.
    Finally, while he is a troll, lots of his Kaw-related threads were excellent and he is one of the few big builds not too scared to put their reputations on the line in the forums.

    There may be richer accounts in the game, but no one plays all aspects of this game better than Frog.
  17. I'm sorry if that's the impression you got. The lawsuits were just a side mention to the rest of his legacy, not the thrust of it.
  18. I have proof, obtained via underwater Mission Impossible quest, that he has been recruited by North Korea as a tactician and hacker.

    He has done well for himself, and actually has an anatomically correct statue standing in the palace of the one and only Kim Jong Un.
  19. Frog yes, not because he's is good in almost every aspect of the game. But he delivers us all the hot women on forum, that's my hero

  20. For my fans. 

    I'm voting for Val. Undoubtedly the smartest player, and every hansel in Kaw owes a debt to his hansel guide.