who was first

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  1. As Remi stated, the first spy clan was made by Corinthian (calling himself an OSF - meaning open secret farm, but later meaning open spy farm) along with a few other relevant players in 2009. They would allow people to hit them so long as they didn't hit more than 5 times in a day (in which case it would be considered "farming" - a term that may or may not still be used).
  3. You can see people's join date on PC in the forums.
  4. Don't you think it's weird, the first ever player v3n0m chose "30" in his name when he could have had just simply, "Venom"
  5. Then contribute?
  6. Yea, 120 slots and music in CC. I particularly like Techno Tuesday's.


    Here's a photo of our CC from 2009 when we stripped DeathMonkey from #1
  7. That's legitimately cool I had no idea about that
  9. Incorrect information here, my join date on forums is six months after my year achievement.

  10. Nah, first sign in on forums shows not when you started the App. I was present (but not fighting) during the first war between fox and iG and I was asked to hit forums and sign in for war 2 because I was found farming a Trueplayer alt and telling the complainers on his wall to join me if they weren't wusses. So my date of Nov 2009 isn't when I downloaded the app it's when I had to sign in for the war.
  11. Benny would probably be one of the oldest still around semi active. But when can we have a Hip Hop day in CC, Swabia?
  12. Swabia still using that old SS :lol:
  13. I have the remote control and I am not playin' no hippity hop.

    We can agree though that another day of Prince will work just fine.
  14. I imagine you as like a 40 year old Justin bieber, Swabs.
  15. Stegosaurus...if your not sure if iG is active I can give you a reminder
  16. Quiet Chop, and heel. You're not iG. You're not Greenz, or Rajang, or evilelf, or chrious, or heywtf. Ask them if you're anything like they were.

    Lemmy's there, but he's even more of a fairy than you. Swabia is delightful, but a non factor. Benny is less delightful. Bom.. 

    I won't respond here. Go ahead, say some indecency, I won't see it. Want my attention, leave something in my newsfeed. I enjoy new experiences.
  17. Shouldn't you be busy mourning Omar's death?
  18. You don't enjoy new experiences...you all enjoy making up lies to make you look like the victim. Same old veritas
  19. Wait did omar really die?