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  1. A simple question from a noob ....Who was the first kaw clan ,and are they still active ?who were the first players and are they active too?Just curious thx
  2. iG and Foxes are probably the only still active kaw clans from the beginning but I think the first kaw clan was an unofficial clan that existed in forums before clans ever existed
  3. First clans were ig and foxes. Ig are still active. In terms of first players, i have no clue. But first forumer (cant remember his name) is semi-active.
  4. Go look in forums under "best of" iG and foxes were forum clans, before clan system.

    I think there are threads from some of the first players too. Circa late 09.
  5. v3n0m was first KaW player.

    Popular idea though is that Kool-Aid was first, however I'm pretty sure it was v3n0m. If not than v3n0m was first forumer I know for sure.

    iG and Foxes, first clans. :)

    Oh and speaking of iG...

    Ꮿཇ Ꮨཞཇ  རེG 
  6. I think a guy named hansel was the first hansel.

    The more you know.
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  9. The first unofficial clan was named white knights. Or at least something similar to that, their history is short and essentially irrelative. The only clan that became anything during that time is iG. This was before the clan system existed within the game.

    The first two official clans are foxes and iG who were rewarded by the devs for fighting in an unoffical system war. I can remember who actually won the war, but both teams were given free clans and a member cap of 110 (10 more than any other clan)

    I don't know who the first player is but the first famous player is raven. He was #1 on leader board for anytime that was <1 day. He has a few 2 guides on the forums I believe under best of section.

    Eventually a few of members of iG ganged up on him and took him down. Not to far after iG basically made the statement they were the bullies of kaw, they will pick in anyone that challeneges them and their is nothing you can do it about it since they're the strongest. This was the catalyst that created Foxes which became a clan to fight against iG.

    The oldest person who may be active is Arwen (who I think is inactive) next is either me or corinthian (semi active). Original account was Foehammer if anyone remembers, F0ehammer was my 3rd account that you can find best of in forums.
  10. Sorry am oldest after hemoglobin and kingdomofwolves if they're still around
  11. Benny's right.
  12. I'm not the first player, but not many of us original players left. I was in IG for the fox wars and a few of the fox leaders are still around as well as the IG leaders
  13. I would need god to confirm that before I believe it Benny :p

    Yep hansel from ig created the first hansel build.
    Ig and foxes had 2 wars which was a win each.

    With clans being created in forums the devs qould have to go back and find the first created clan thread to know the actual first one.
  14. Foxes and iG were the first clans ever made. Both clans have an extra 20 slots (total of 120)

    iG and Foxes are semi active if memory serves right, but I can't be bothered to check.
  15. The first was the chicken not the egg
  16. These replies trigger me. None of you know correct kaw history
  17. I've been here longest. Just on different accounts. 
  18. 1st coy clan was made 9th/09/2009
  19. The first clans were forum clans, before the clan system was created.

    I believe the first clan was called something like "White Knights" but didn't last very long. iG, Foxes, and Voodoo are some of the early clans that are still somewhat around today.