Who still plays

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  1. Sent to drain. Secret destroyers
  2. Ummm...
    I play KaW.
  3. might be quitting soon.
  4. I play every now and again.
  5. I just came back. Started playing before pwars and clan chat. Used Palringo for cc and coordinating war.. back when kaw was fun.
  6. Wasn't the first KAW event the Dragon Egg Melee? I remember I didn't understand how events worked.
  7. Been playing 4+ yrs. Active just about everyday, the amount of hours varies though
  8. Been playing 4+ yrs. Active just about everyday, the amount of hours varies though. I rarely put money into the game. Occasionally to by an xtal or two. I used to buy nobs for seals when HTE started, but not anymore. I do have friends that put $50-$100 a month in. Most of them don't have a mortgage, 2 car payments and twins in college though 
  9. I'm still playing and continue to grow
  10. Well im still here . . . I've seen waste . ZAFT members quiting all at the same time
  11. I play. I've been around for a long long time
  12. I'm probably going to quit
  13. I’m couple weeks off 8 years, so you want to talk about times being different, I remember when a few hundred K CS was beast.
  14. Farming since 09' The Hollow Elite --> IG --> and then started my own clan Pure Evil. Together with the Pure Evil team hosted FarmFest and created own unique network of bullies before drastic changes in game dynamics slowed things down and I retired for personal reasons. Back in the game and have been playing for a few months now and considering starting another similar revolution.
  15. 7 years ago worms/Awp/Black Hand ️️️️
  16. Just came back today 
    I've never been crap to anybody so nobody remembers me 
  17. Many greats came out of your clan.