Who still plays

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  1. The world is a vampire
  2. Lol nope
  3. I don't play anymore, you're just remembering this when you aren't looking
  4. Start play last years but lost my hp. So i make new acc. Still a noob!
  5. 7 yrs this Dec 
  7. Five and a half years. Have had inactive sessions but always finds my way back. Happy kawing!
  8. Here!!!
    Maybe somewhere around 5-6 name changes,
    But still hittin it
  9. True-grit SkinnyMinny gets under your skin like wildfire,
    and if you say that he dont then you is a liar,
    CutieMikey & Vladthechild cant compare,
    against him,
    you'll never win ,
    on a wing and a prayer .
  10. 5 and a half years of varying activity for me, I've seen the game evolve plenty but it's up to the player how they play. plenty complain about the pay to win and countless events, but your not forced to hit them. I have lots of fun bullying smaller people. maybe that means I don't grow as much but in my .ca bracket they cry more. so win win.
  11. It'll be 7 years this October, I think.crazy how fast it went
  12. Only scrubs and noobs still play.
  13. Now that I think about it, on and off since 2012. Mostly off, but I remember when everything was PWARS and there weren't EBs. I got yelled at for battle listing and kicked from whatever the hell clan I halfheartedly joined to try and learn how to play. I always ask for this username back. Then I remember coming back to EBs next time I played, and again got booted from a newbie clan for battle listing. Now I just don't battle list, because people don't wanna get stripped.
  14. 5 years on and off with different names. Get bored, quit for awhile, get obsessed again for a month, quit again lol.
  15. Which game is this again?
  16. This game succs
  17. 7 years and it's still addictive.
  18. No one's actually playing. The game is just all more advanced bots now who follow regular schedules of hitting EBs, posting ads in WC, randomly saying hi and trash talking in WC, buying allies sometimes with hire hits or strips and randomly allocating tokens or funds to building stuff. These bots also have direct deposits to automatically buy seals or pieces or whatever and cast them.