Who still plays

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  1. Grumpy old man
  2. *insert "I remember..." rambling here*

    *insert 2009 was better because [subjective reason]*

    *insert other old fart trope(s)*

    Need I say more? :)

    Alive, kicking, and small as ever
  3. I remember last night.. Oh wait i dont
  4. You should probably cut down on drinking.
  5. Its not surprising, but interesting to note that alot of 6/7 year badges on here have small accounts. I wish devs would take notice they are burning out alot of the long time accounts with endless events. The ones that remain dont seem to chase the events, so they dont see a siphon attached to their wallet.
  6. I've noticed this as well. It's because at a certain point you realize the social aspect of this game is much more fun than the eb smashing / equip hunting side. Most oldies are v chill
  7. absolutely agree
  8. Events suck
  9. Cor and PBJ were huge impact players way back when. Nice to see some of the old guys around. Do any of you guys wanna join my pwar?
  10. Never thought I would say I miss pwars. They were at least a little more social than EBs, til hit and run was discovered.
  11. Never thought I would say I miss pwars. They were at least a little more social than EBs, til hit and run was discovered.
  12. I remember that I used to have a list of inactives and farming them to grow.
  13. Oh yeah back before pwars every clan had endless amounts of farms people would save them on their notes and then update ca or the clan page for players to hit the farms in times when the clans weren't at wars. Neet stuff, I found my farm list a little bit ago for the first clan I was in KaWtion
  14. Don't worry to much we have "PvP" event's now.
  15. Back in my dayy. We had to stay up for 24 straight hours just to war, and if there was one merc that joined there was many more to come 
  16. Third account since game launched but I'm here
  17. I remember when ebs did not exist. When all we had were the lowlands. Good old times.
  18. I've played for like 5-6 years

    Check in like once every 3 months to see you idiots whine about the "good old days" where other assholes took you gold

    Someone accused me of stealing their name a while back, that was fun.

    I'm pretty sure I've participated in all of 1 war, so I'd say I'm a seasoned veteran
  19. I play actively sometimes and other times I only hit once a week. Depends on my schedule. I always miss KAW when I occasionally take time off. Started nearly 7 years ago. I feel like I've seen a lot of things change. Only thing I have to complain is how easy it is to grow now. People bc in 2 months . It's insane. Remember the good old days when It took me 2-3 days to make 12b . Some people get that per hit now. lol times change. Only here sometimes for friends and farming NOOBS! Lol
  20. During the events i see numbers around 15k participating ... so best guess is 15-20k. Mind you that's accounts not players.