Who still plays

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  1. I started playing in 2011 under the name JonesyGamer and have recently returned over the last few weeks. back in the day I owned a clan called GAMER'S ELITE so if anyone remembers me or the clan I'd like to hear from you
  2. 2010 June was the first time I opened the game. ZiG was at the top of the lb and I didn't have the connections to get into any pwars :(
  3. June will be 5 years for me. I still enjoy the game, something's could definitely be better
  4. Looks like a few old players still around.
  5. Been around 5-6 years, used many accounts though. First user ever made was DarkStorm01. I made multiple SpaceMarine accounts at one time one after the other when they were silecened in wc lol Games not as fun as it used to be, but there isn't a game I found like it yet.
  6. been about a year and four months since i last played(new devices and hassle with accounts)
    tbh i wasn't that active those last few years. new updates seem interesting though.
  7. I have been playing for 7 years now, but I don't know my original screen name. Plus every time I reset I used to change my name.
  8. Been playing since before pwars, not all on this account of course. :lol:

  9. :D :D :D lol you said he was a "handsome good looking guy" (gay) :D :D :D
  11. I started playing about about 6 years ago ...i played for about a year and left for about 5 years ... i just started playing again like 2 weeks ago. .. only found one person i knew from back then .. the game has changed a lot but its still fun
  12. I'm still here. Been playing for more than 5 years on two accounts but lost my first one after the first year lol ξ€ξ…Œ
  13. 7 years here. **** sure has changed.
  14. Turns out my real join date is almost a month before I always thought. But here I am anyways!
  15. Ur cool, glad you're stilll around
  16. Bro you've never actually interacted with me, you shouldn't judge somebody's coolness based solely on the fact that they're old and seem to have old connections. I'm not disputing that I am super cool, but you gotta make that decision for yourself.
  17. I also remember when skinny dropped build nearly every time someone hit them, they also went ps and opted out of last event :lol: sooooo they are pretty pathetic

  18. Can you not judge the level of coolness of an individual based on observing their interactions with others?

    Old people are great though.