Who still plays

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  1. This is what it looks like 2 be a long time player who has spent littel money and participated in few events...it's hard out here for the average player...feels like I have been playing longer then 4 an a half years tho lol
  2. I've Been around 6 1/2 to 7 years. Can't remember. Lol. But yeah I've been here since before plunder wars. I miss the old kaw. Back when it was possible to grow without spending cash, and back when people were in clans for the people and not the EB's. only way to grow was quests and attacking others and fun clan on clan wars. Those were the days.
  3. I will admit, these events make things a lot better for the soloists, small clans, and non-money spenders. The amount of free gold you get is crazy when you consider it.
  4. Wait people still play this game?
  5. We don't get along so well, but boba-fart has been around a long long time
  6. 6 years on n off as of August 18th, as long as there are people to chat with and argue with I'll be around.
  7. Im like on death row in this game I guess lol.
  8. bump .. cheers?‍♂️
  9. Thank you everyone who still plays! I appreciate all devs and mods.
  10. Lel sorry for calling you a nub skinnyMinny, and liar. Pretty please stahp scouting me
  11. 6 years and still counting 
  12. I come to shore every now and then.
  13. I'm still kicking 
  14. I've never heard of Groundon either.
  15. I'm a 7 year player without my original account, have quit and taken breaks a few times since then.. but still here, still fighting to grow.
  16. Is that THE gorilla
  17. I just got back into the game because I need something to pass the time
  18. I played since I was 1 month in my mom tummy
  19. I'm back from a small time off but always been checking on account and still alive
  20. I think there is some value to Skinnys comment. I remember in the regs/LR/WDgaf vs Foxes/Outlawz/OG etc war in... 2013 (?) I think, everyone was aghast that Regs were still running epics during an OSW. They copped a lot of criticism for it because it was a departure from actually hitting the opposing clan. I remember Wulf and Curtish explaining the funding strategy over and over in forums.