Who still plays

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  1. Just got back yesterday, after a 5 yr break(almost). But yes the early Kaw days were pretty fun. Got to know quite a few of the osw clans as friends and frienemies.
  2. Started September, 2010. Just got back after a 3 year break.
  3. I've been on and off for the last 7 years. Things have changed so much since then!
  4. Seven years and 7162 ally lb rank. I’d like to know how many actually play in kaw and where you find that
  5. Approaching my 9th year, only really here for the social aspect if anything. Lost interest in this game in all honesty...
  6. I remember before KAW even existed #oldskool
  7. I remember when KaW was just a rounded off piece of plywood with a small rubber ball attached to the centre with elastic. The more times you hit the ball, the better the payout . #kawhaschanged
  8. I don’t. Missed this game but devs are or were greedy.
  9. I took a break for a while :) playing since 2010
  10. What’s KaW?
  11. Haven't played in a year. Not sure why I popped in just now. Kaw still on an old tablet
  12. Started in 2010, retired 2014. Back then was known as King_monster, surprised how many people I still recognize from way back then. Just getting back into it.
  13. Gonna comeplete my 6 years anytime in the next couple of months.
  14. Stop while you’re ahead. This games just a waste of time now
  15. Not necessarily. It is no longer a time waster for me, as this game continuously challenges me to build up my social skills from people in the outside world!

    And in case if I happen to be the Warlord or Warchief in any clan, I can start rebuilding up my skills to manage people (players), which position should be they in, assess their activity, initiate kaw-related events and so on. This can potentially transfer to my real-life skills as a
    future Project Manager or Project Leader!

    Everyday in a clan, you gotta manage people just like employees in a workforce. Every day you gotta manage epic battles, just like employees's daily operations.

    Consider that point, and if I use my time sparingly to play this game with a
    learner's mind, rather than just mindlessly tapping the attack button, do kindly tell me afterwards if this game is still a waste of time!
  16. I really want whatever Seanxyz is on. :lol:
  17. Baby don't farm me