Who runs it ?

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  1. This noob brags about being the first forum president on a tap game. That's gold. Get a life or something 
  2. Says the person posting on forums complaining about posting om forums.
    That never makes sense
  3. And to add roni gets a lot of hate recently that in the past would be understandable.
    But i have seen roni change a lot over the last year. In my humble opinion for the better.
    Ive seen her stand up for people when others just ridiculed or got on the bandwagon for nothing. Love or hate her. She has or should have earnt a lot more respect than she gets. At least common courtesy. I have changed my opinion based on her actions. And seriously people need to stop jumping on hate bandwagons just because they see a name on a thread. Judge on content and stop derailing what should be a fun thread.
  4. You haven't been nice to me, even after you tried to get Drgn to lock my thread, I still taught you how to put pictures on forums

    You know your irrelevant, we all are
  5. @x_x , was it you that made the first topic explaining BB_codes all those years ago? I honestly don't remember, so you could pretend it was you if so.

    I know we kept it bumped for quite a while to teach stuff like that.
  6. Shifter forgot how. Asked for help. Apparently he got help
  7. In line with your ridiculously low iq. Your comprehension skills are also seriously lacking. It wouldn't hurt you to have a rest from all of this. Most topics are clearly beyond you.
  9. Well that turned out wrong lol ! Bit yeah I agree with chaos on this topic as I've saw Roni change a good bit in ty he past couple yrs .
  10. That was not me, it's still pinned in off-topic
  11. Says the person who commits slander because you couldnt argue the topic that xx amd i were. and drags his clan into osw rather than being man enough to apologise for your disgustimg comments.
    But if thats the image you wish to portray of yourself publicly thats fine with me.
    Lets everyone see what type of person you are.
  12. Shifter ......I've never heard of her....who's that ?
  13. You do know me parasfan . i even got you as a friend on my ll_roni_ll account.You know when Troll Machine was trying to get you dropped from D.B.4.D clan.You know me as II-roni-II also.You dont need to feign ignorance to try impress him.
  14. So much salt in this thread, Jesus. Honestly Roni, I have nothing against you but posting a thread about it on forums will only escalate a situation. And being forum president is a great thing- but no one will respect you because the forum that elected you (in the majority) no longer play the game.
  15. Sorry antelope i dont know you so i dont care what you say.And who says i want to be forum president ? Not me, i am content continueing on my path but got to be honest :- i would dazzle as Forum Queen !!
  16. Wow!!this is the most childish thread i read so far.please mods do all involved a huge favour and lock this thread and hide it in a far dark place.my dad is stronger than your dad,this is my sandbox i was here first.
  17. Silly thread from a silly statless alt
  18. Frank proto when you have made a thread that brings u recconition and respect. Then come and lecture me on the should and should nots of kaw.Set the example then maybe you can lecture others.
  19. Chubby you dont do nothing except talk dumb in worldchat.Keep piling all your money into your account. Because your personality dont win anybody over.You are pretty dull .But ohh boy doo them stats shine. But when kaw is over you will wish u had invested into having a holiday instead.
  20. And now one of the kids crying lol.where are the parents?