Who runs it ?

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  1. Damn ashes, how did you get Roni to like you so much? I kinda thought Roni hated everyone.
  2. Not my president, not my king either
  3. ur like 25
  4. shut up
  5. if you were around back in the day (which you weren't) i was voted the first forum President you tool
  6. if you were around back in the day (which you weren't) i was voted the first forum President you tool
  7. For the record the forums are dead, i truly wish you could have been around when the forum was jumping their was an actual community but i don't expect you to know anything about that kid
  8. thought we were pals buddy but you just got yourself on the list too, don't expect me to every treat you nice again tool
  9. and for the record i was the FIRST forum President, there were a few more after me rani, so please shut up. Again you know nothing and act like you're some old player. I called you out because you are a tool who does nothing but say dumb crap in wc, I invited you to Foxes because I thought you were a decent player, hindsight is 20/20 baby you're just a disease that will slowly fade away as more and more people hate you
  10. and I never hit on you, if you actually think I'm trying to pick up girls in KaW you're more delusional than I thought, do you think I'm actually trying to pick up ppl I've never seen before on an application on my phone? I do appreciate you scout bombing me and making a thread tho, it shows just how much i get under your skin :lol:
  11. This is why Roni has such pooular threads. People get so angry.
  12. The thing about me is I'm a great friend to have and an even worse enemy to have, choose your battles.
  13. Not angry at all just dispelling false rumors
  14. I mean like if this is your main your not really effective unless your just gonna buy stats lol
  15. Well seeing as I've just recently started this acc it's not doing too bad, yeah if this acc was 5 years old that would be different but I'm growing pretty quickly so saying that is pretty foolish
  16. An acc that has years on another acc is pretty low hanging fruit TBH its kind of pathetic, take the stats for what they are for how old the acc is.

  17. Lets see. You post words
    Ashes posts scantily clad ladies of a certain appeal.

    Really who do you think would win with this audience?
  18. I called out Roni and she/he go butthurt. deal with it kid stop running to other people to try and fight your battles this is the last I'm talking on this matter, you're a tool and you always will be, ill be in KaW for a pretty long time so you better get right or get used to me trashing you every single time i see you in forums, wc or wherever.
  19. Dont even bother lying shift3r you creeped me out why do you think i unfollowed you. and you been 5 years off kaw.You hold no sway here now ( and not like you did back then either with your 4 word sentences)
    Even Wordmaster has more clout and respect on forums than you do .and you really dont have a clue if you think i have only played a few months .The forums have been a great source of entertainment long after you retired . It still is now also .Plenty of laughs in all the osw threads.You wouldnt know about them because you wasnt here.Stop living in the past and catch up in the here and now and instead of being a lowlife.Show us what assets you brought to forums when you was a kaw superstar ( in your head ) because you cant touch us
    -kaw jester !
  20. Gonna follow me back so I can hit on you my dear Veronica?