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  1. None, they are all losers and probably have b.o
  2. Titan_God
    Not because i like him that much, but hes the only one not actively destroying the game. Even seen some war efforts from him which is a plus.
  3. Avatar. He’s been around since the beginning for me, has always been a great and genuine guy who works outside the spotlight
  4. Bellemorte and wulf.
  6. Mei is the worst.
  7. is that who silenced you

  8. No Ella she only warns. How soon will you get that account forum banned ?
  10. longer than you getting silenced Domo
    Run Run Runaway
  11. Keep it on topic please. :)
  12. Favorite is probably tg and avatar, Titan became a good friend of mine right around when he became mod always a solid guy , and avatar for his old forum signature and his guides
  13. Michael or Dave are great moderators.

    DE0XYS should be a moderator imo
  14. Avatar, TG, and Drgn.

    They’ve been good homies of mine for a long time.

    I sadly don’t speak with Avatar very much anymore. Mostly bc we both aren’t on much anymore or at least we aren’t active talkers as much (or he isn’t that ass). But for a period of time we were really close in game. We both actually made a pact that if one of us got mod we’d recommend the other for mod try and get them mod. Haha, what a time.

    TG has just been a great friend for awhile now. I remember when he was first given moderator and that was my reason for following actually. Little did I know he’d turn into one of my good in game bros. Loved previewing his KaW FAQ that every new and old player would benefit from viewing.

    Drgn has just always been a really fun voice around in the community. Mostly we’ve had a good relationship but he was in KotFE for awhile and I had to run some bars on him then by I have forgiven him for joining them so we are good now.

    These guys are def my fav mods and have been overall just good people to me. ️
  15. None of them. They all suck 
  17. Lock this I believe this tzshifter dude is no support on mods :/
  18. Locking as requested by OP.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.