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  1. Kids these days don't even know who Oh is.

  2. What was his name before Oh? ;)
  3. I can't remember his original name before Fi :/
  4. TG has always been a big help whenever asked..Choc ranks high for keeping up the guides..Wulf,of course for the original guides for newbs..Moose for being Moose..Actually many have helped me when asked over the years..Maybe its in how you ask or act that determines their response.
  5. This threads off topic lock pls thanks
  6. I dont have a favorite i love them all equally

  7. Well we don't actually hate anyone. I guess you can't win them all.

    Always here to help if you need us!
  8. Why so negative? Don't you have at least one mod you'd like?
  9. Moderators shouldn’t be favourited nor should they have favourites ;) all actions are equal amongst the team ;)

    Personally I loathe them all equally.
  10. Especially those in green. No need to be moody. Oh wait.... luff u :)
  11. It was Oh_Yes before it was Oh :p
  12. Kezzer only because she is super awesome and helpful
    Dave just because I like his banter and he's a model image of a mod
    Thrawn because they are very helpful
    Spudd because they are in wc keeping it real
    Mei I like cause she's cool and a model image of a mod as well
  13. I like the list :D
  14. BelleMorte for sure....
  15. I'd Say The mod with the green name.
  17. awww :( <3
  19. I like Spud 
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.