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  1. Hands down, karma
  2. Yeah I like Karma, he is a great mod.

  3. People should not break tou, or ROC. We are here to help.
  4. Why has nobody said Mei yet? Oh wait..
  5. I like every mod, they are all amazing!

  6. He is pretty cool.
  7. Anyone but Kezzer
  8. Kezzer
  9. Mei is the worst.
  10. Yeah and Dave also Sucks
  11. SPUDD IS THE BEST(only cause I haven't met him) also changed my mind about Micheal
  12.  They still dont know 
  13. Moose and Corinthian, definitely
  14. It's between Benny and Kool-Aid, both of them were amazing moderators.
  15. Titan. Have to says he's put some awesome work into KawGuides.
  16. Thank you Raine, although it needs work I been working on the app version :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.