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  1. Tell me your favorite mod in the kawmunity and brief reason why. Keep it on topic keep it clean. No derailment or hate please. Keep it all positivity

    My favorite mod is Dave because he is there help another player and very nice too :)
  2. Benny
    Reasons why: if you know, you know.
  3. Idk there was another thread similar idk but keep it clean
  4. Moose

    No reason required
  5. Corinthian, hands down.
  6. None of them
  7. Woow what a question, i think that the team of mods collectively bring something to kaw.

    Over the years of playing kaw I have become friends with a vast majority of mods so i cant pick one.
  8. Butthurt much?
  9. None of them either, especially not Dave. He is very rude to players and then gets extremely hostile in PMs where he uses vulgarity when he doesn’t like where the conversation is going. This isn’t negative, just factual. So, per your OP, I am on topic.
  10. Meisha back in the day was always very helpful in anything I needed to find out, but also I will say though Benny gave me the drive to become a mod :)
  11. Gotta be Dave, hands down great guy.
  12. It’s actually hard to pin point a single mod as the best for myself as all have contributed so much and no trollers... that’s not being said because I fall in the mod spectrum. I just see them as all brothers and sisters to me :) I’ve yet to see or work with one that wasn’t pleasant to be around.
  13. Titan_God and Dave but there are others too but these guys are numero uno for me
  14. Butthurt how? Because I’m not a delusional sheep and I see how the mods abuse there power on a regular basis? LOL

  15. Every one is entitled have an opinion.
  16. Wabsey makes me chuckle so much.

    Mike is the biggest kaw noob of all time with a great heart.

    TG is helping me make something that I hope will make us Rich. So in the words of Ash in Pokemom. TG I choose you.
  17. This game shouldn’t have mods.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.