Who else was here back when 514,000 was the max attack you c

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  1. I was late 2010 so...it was t4 for me and lots of Pwars.
  2. Been here since Oct 14 2009 I remember the good ol days. Only noob I've ever used has been for pro packs. Other than that I just play and grow slowly. Since I started I've been on every day. Correction, I think there have been a few days I've not been able to login. I just don't live here but I've made some great friends here too that are not just "in game" friends. Sadly I missed the first all star war because I had to work :-( but oh well.
  3. Been there, my first account got a dev reset tho..
  4. Here complete stats were like 300k for attack and defense
  5. I remember this is my 4th year
  6. I was around but my main was deleted due to Inactivity. I played like 2011. It was so hard to grow back then and now it's easy with ebs and stuff.
  7. Good times, good times. I wish I was a strong as I was back then.
  8. Me too. Didn't find forums for months after I started. Everybody that's small took a break I did. 2 years almost. Majesty was great. As for not giving a toss about anybody else it comes with being number one. U get hassled on ur wall everywhere. Every number one is. All star war was awesome. Best 48hrs of fun in kaw. Everybody stayed up and was game for it. Even ended the biggest osw of all time as far as I'm concerned. ZAFT/IG vs UWF.
  9. I was there for the start of pwars...then i quit after a month of playing..and started playing again like 5 months later :lol:
  10. I'm new volley me
  11. I remember that era. Before highlands existed
  12. I miss my forges 
  13. Sometimes, when people stop scouting me, I like to tear down a t4 building and put a forge up :3
  14. When T1 was max.... STABLES FTW
  15. When legend became myth. I started 2 weeks before Warbeast's came out so missed most of the fun
  16. I came in Sept. 2010 when the pwars were here, and so what if I'm small? All the posts in the beginning of the thread is saying that were noobs and why if we played for so long we are so small?! Well, after three years, devices could break we could reset and other things. This is my 5th device because I broke the last 4. Also as they said they had to work for their money,what if they still decided not to do epic battles and keep doing quests and hit of the BL no need to call people noons and make assumptions. /end mini rant
  17. Oh yea the good old days
  18. I believe I was middle of the plunder wars... It was all very confusing to me back then.....
  19. Dam that was way back lol n more fun to play then 