Who else was here back when 514,000 was the max attack you c

Discussion in 'Wars' started by SuperFatGazLeader, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. I was here when 124k (i think it was) was max attack/spy. lol

    I've been drunk since :'( cant remember fully
  2. Yea things have definitely changed I've reset numerous times just to stay interested. Now people are almost 20mil total points! Game is slacking alot now! We use to war alot now Game is completely outta touch!

  3. Its not out of touch... its out of focus...

    The good old times when spies could win against LB without using pots lol... Now no one can touch the LB without spending their children's inheritance or remortgaging their house
  4. Yep and to get hired you had to say 'Pure forge!'
  5. "Upgrading forges to level 3 - buy me!" and then you got bought like 20 times lol...

    Good old days! Best time in KAW back then...
  6. I was here i am a 2010 player as well 
  7. Miss those days. Sigh. Good times. When WC was fun and ad free.
  8. Lmfao I remember going on wc an saying "building forges plzzzzzzz can I have a 1bil volley" . But since then the economy has changed. Now noobs get upset if its not 5bil. Lol
  9. Chyea been here since dec 09 :D
  10. When turtles were accepted!!!
  11. Turtles are cool animals
  12. Turtles: all def towers
  13. Ya I know but regardless turtles are cool animals haha
  14. Been here so long I remember Cor as being my favourite mod! (Before he left and came back and left and came back and left...) My first reset was the day before t3 were introduced 
  15. My first reset was the week before highlands were announced.
  16. I've had multiple resets but 2 of those were for t4s and highlands . I have great luck
  17. Those were the days
  18. I was here back when majesty ruled the roost and BEFORE the pwars