Who else was here back when 514,000 was the max attack you c

Discussion in 'Wars' started by SuperFatGazLeader, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Me. Good times
  2. Sigh. The days
  3. Yep, those days were fun. Seems like so long ago
  4. Missing those days...
  5. Yes I miss those times, but games change. They have to. Otherwise they just get boring. The devs understood this and brought in new features. Since then it's become a massive massive game. Sure, it was fun when people actually hit eachother, but sometimes things just HAVE to change
  6. I was around..that's when Kaw was really worth playing. Now it's just a matter of catching up with old friends while making new ones.
  7. I was therethe days of war and petulance
  8. You mean back in the day when you could drop convert to pure spy from 24 forge build and back with out buying nobs ? The referral code days? Hell yeah I miss them.
  9. I remember when I had to bash the BL all day just to scrape enough together for my lands -.-
  10. Dahm I'm glad I didn't play then lol oh wait I did lol
  11. Wow I wish I was that would have been so cool to be around that long... I've been here since right before mith
  12. I remember when i farmed quests until i got my mil land unlocked. I always lost attacks so I stayed away from those. I remember when the third tier of buildings came out also.
  13. I Remeber actual wars, and I also remeber my clan owner telling us that we would not be warring for a while because of plunder wars. I was so upset! I miss that KaW
  14. I remember Pre-Hansel. Everyone was like WTF is that....omg they have funds to experiment with builds and that Hansel was an actual players name.Back when there was no time limiter on volleys. Guys would shoot up to 5b in value in twelve seconds......when drop volleys actually got done to transfer funds and it was worthwhile. Back when you had to self pin the second you logged in or you'd get farmed to zero off all the guys hitting off battle list
  15. I was there. Can't believe so many still keep their accounts. I kept resetting
  16. Same lol GK, I have reset so much on all my accounts.
  17. Yeah I remember when hansel was a player name not just a build name