Who else was here back when 514,000 was the max attack you c

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  1. Long time KaWers will more than likely remember heathersays lol pretty sure she was a staple on all of our lists of inactives to try and make upgrade.
    When I was MB back then 14b was a lot of money and we cringed when a MB Atk build joined for war.
    My first 1b ally was a BIG Deal and on old stat vs price system was roughly 100k stats.
    After lvl 4 guilds in to the release of T4, I was dropped because I switched to Hansel and Plewka thought my 500k cs Atk build was more desirable than a rising hansel.
    I miss the players back then, when clan loyalty meant something. Before running off for HnR PWs and clan hopping for Equip hunters.

  2. Yes I was here back then and I like old KaW better than new.
  3. Lol get rid of Ebs 
  4. The days of the pure attack are pretty much long gone except for a select few
  5. I remember that

    I remember this one guy on my wall, asked me how id got 14mill :lol:
  6. 365k spy is what I remembered 
  7. Yup pre plunder wars when a bc cost 12bill..
  8. Not sure if this was said yet... But OSF's were being used before the max attack was 518k. Same with pwars.
  9. I joined right before eb's
  10. I joined around hl introduction, i think :/
  11. The pre-highlands and pre-T4 days were my favorite in this game. These game "improvements" are crap in my opinion.
  12. I liked KaW back when it was uncivilized
  13. My first account was around march 2010 (I think)
  14. I joined December 2009
  15. I joined then and quit early 2011 so when I came back it was a shock to learn all the new EB, mith, EE wars, and the mage I was so confused
  16. 25 lv 3 forges. That's me.
  17. Tower Farm nerf
  18. I remember in the first all-star war they actually generated a billion in plunder. I think Imaki was the first ally to break 100 mil in hire value.