Who else was here back when 514,000 was the max attack you c

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  1. Yes it was 518k attack and 345k def lol . Hansels were max 324 k , 474 k neutral build for both att and def . No one really had towers
  2. Argoli - i remember them being 400/200/150/150 and farming the LB

    (Emeth build before the BFA mech change)
  3. Yeah glad they did get rid of pwars so easy to exploit
  4. It's amazing how inaccurate most of the people here are. Lol
  5. That's because most of them were on here after lvl4 of guild and don't remember anything lower.
  6. Only lowland, t3 builds, PW's and farming issues
  7. True enough ahdragos and dalek. I came in mid/late 2010.
  8. I'm a april 2010 so t3 and level 4 guild was max when I joined.
  9. I joined 2nd day game came out๎–
  10. Was here when a bc spy was 320k. Only guilds were available. Most builds were attack build. And getting 6m per attack was a big deal.
  12. I came when 0/0/324000/324000 was top spy and there weren't commas in prices :p
  13. I must've start mid 2010 just when lvl 4 guild was released. WiG was getting back together or something. Speedee was the guy recruited me into WiG. Many great memories. PY and Maggie. And. Took forever to get low land complete. Now it takes a week to b LL complete
  14. I came like a month before pwars really started. They were the days
  15. May 2010. Just at the start of pwars. Most top 50 clans had them within their own establishments, but outside of that. They didn't exist or were few and far between.

    ~ Exodus
  16. BC with stables.
    Miss then days ๎’ with wolf hounding raven and stripping him with LB.

    The few OSF's that iG gained, it was a good game.
  17. I joined during the peak of plunder wars and I 'initiated' the rise of the warrior clans :3 if anyone remembers us :3. We were the bane of all sanity.
  18. I joined before t3 on cm-angusempire xP
  19. Haha who remembers the big ass battle between ig and zaft?
  20. Lol yeah. I didn't even know abt the clan zaft until I started getting hits by scorpiosam ( don't remember the exact name ) ,laoda and a few other. I then reported in cc that I'm getting continuously hit and stripped all of a sudden, didnt know what the **** was going on๎’๎’

    They asked me what clan. I was like zodiac alliance of freedom treaty??? Never heard of this clan. Probably a new clan that wanted to get attention by hitting the strongest clan in KaW.

    After that war zaft and iG were allied.