Who else was here back when 514,000 was the max attack you c

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  1. It was so long ago, before epic battles, before osf's and plunder wars, when people struggled to grow and volleys didn't exist, back when people HAD to do quests. And when drama wad handled by legit wars and farming until the other reset. A long time ago and many bs's before this so called "mithril" who remembers?
  2. And it was 518 I believe
  3. Yah ment 518* sorry lol
  4. Back when your average spy was 310k spy attack and defense 1 open land for a troop building.
  5. yes 2010 player here
  6. Why are you so small if you've been playing for years, noob
  7. you know before that there was no tier 3...

    but yes i joined in this era as well. t3 was max, and most people had no spy or very little spy.
  8. I remember when the average spy was 129k defense and attack :)
  9. I miss those days
  10. You all say that, yet your soooo small. Lol
  11. Good old days 
  12. what would ever possibly make you assume since we have played for so long that we would be big? several month long streches i didnt play, much of the time i was in wars, and another couple months were just clanless only playing for forums. because someone is small doesnt make them a noob.
  13. Agree with alu, good old days
  14. And uhh who remembers the legendary majesty?
  15. Thats the funny thing too i havent come across too many people who have been here since like 2009 or whenever the game came out and have like 20 mil cs or whatever the majority i've seen are all like 9 mil cs at most its trippy, i think we all left then came back to something sooo new
  16. Did I ever call you a noob? Look at my text. I said small. You would think out of all of you saying your from the good old days, a few would be more than 5M CS. Not saying it's bad, maybe your an alt
  17. Not everybody grew and adapted to new changes. Lots of older people stayed small and just farmed and had fun. Can't say that's the worst choice Kaw is a game of having fun