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  1. This thread is a Question/Discussion of What Tank would win a 100v100,and a battle Royal of 100v100v100v100 Given minimal information. There are 4 Tanks, Strv 81 Is6 Tiger 2H(Sla) and Ru251 creating a combination of
    Strv 81 vs Is6;
    Strv 81 vs Tiger 2H;
    Strv 81 vs Ru251;
    Is6 vs Ru251;
    Is6 vs Tiger2H;
    Tiger 2H vs Ru251

    Strv 81- Can be frontally penned by every tank(hull), but the turret can bounce some shells.
    The Strv 81 primary shoots APDS (armor piercing discarding Sabot) which pens the Turret and all sides of the Tiger 2H and Ru251 At 90 degrees +- 20 degrees. It will pen the Is6 From the sides. There is a chance for a frontal pen, but highly unlikely unless the Strv is above or right infront of the Is6
    In addition the Strv 81 mounts 3 ATGMs (Anti Tank Guided Missle) which can pen each tank easily
    It is the second most maneuverable, has the second fastest fire rate and the second Highest pen Value

    Is6- The Is6 has some of the most bouncable armour of any of these tanks, having the strongest all around armour (out of all the four tanks). Unlike the Tiger 2H, the Is6 has rolled turret armour, not a flate 150mm plate, making it one of the Hardest to pen frontally. The Is6, while it has the slowest reload rate, Mounts a 120MM cannon which shoots APHE (Armour Piercing High Explosive). If The Is6 Manages to penetrate, and penetrate it will (even though it has the lowest penetration value), The Opponent Usually Is decimated. Frontally, The Is6 Can penetrate every tank with ease Via Hull penetration, except for the Tiger 2H. The Is6 Can however penetrate the Tiger 2H's turret. The Is6 also mounts a 14.5mm Machine gun which can penetrate the side of the Ru251, and potentially the hull if The Is6 is above the Ru251. The Is6 Competes With The Tiger2H in terms of mobility. For Reference, 10 Is6's defeated 15 Tiger 2H's(20 Tiger 2 Variants I.e. Porsche or 105 )2/3 Times

    Tiger 2H(Sla) German Tanks are well renown for their accuracy and long range sniping abilities. The Tiger 2H has the second best armour,while mounting a destructing 88mm cannon.If Angled and Distanced, The Tiger 2H can bounce any and every round the other tanks would shoot at it. The Tiger 2H pens the Strv 81 and Ru251 frontally with easy, and if it can hit the minute weak spots, The Is6 aswell. Since The Tiger 2H shoots APHE rounds, penetrations are guaranteed to damage and cripple enemy tanks. APHE works best against The Ru251 and the Strv 81

    The Ru251 Is by Far the most manuverable Tank, and Has the Fastest reload aswell. The Ru251 shoots a HEATFS (High Explosive Anti Tank Fin Stabilized ) round, which has the most penetrative properties, and excells at Penetrating any of the listed tanks, especially from the front. HEATFS, Like APDS, is not a destructive round, Just mearly a very Very Fast Piece of flying metal(especially once The Head of the round explodes and super heats the metal core of the HEATFS round). Thus the Ru251 excels at penetrating and thus destroying well armored Tanks it Faces. Howevert, since it is a light Tank, and has little protection, almost every penetration from APHE rounds will have disastrous results for this Tank. The Ru251 Can survive multiple ill placed APDS rounds. This is also a German tank

    The Question Now Arises; In a Combat Scenario, Which Tank Would Reign Supreme?

    There are no Us Tanks listed Due to the fact that Many had massive weak spots in comparison to the others ( Minimally Armoured Sides or large frontal weak spots. In this case Turret Armour was negated by weakspots. The Japanese were more effective at using remodled American tanks than building their own.
    The Timezone is Late WW2 to 1964 (Ru251 is cold war prototype)
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    It took me way too long to realize You weren't talking about tank builds in kaw
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    Same XD
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    Tiger would win 1v1
    Ru251 would win in groups
  6. Now when you say a Tiger 2H I'm guessing you're not referring to the King Tiger, right?
  7. A Variant of The KT yes.
    Its the Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. B (H) mit Simmering Sla.16
  8. The Panzer VI is the Tiger I, Panzer VII is the Tiger II or king tiger, which has a 10.5 cm cannon and a sloped turret, but I think only 80 got the 10.5 cm cannon and the rest had a longer 8.8 cm PaK cannon.
  9. U forget bout Panther Ausf. D tanks.

    The Panther was intended to counter the Soviet T-34 and to replace the Panzer III and Panzer IV.

    Nevertheless, it served alongside the Panzer IV and the heavier Tiger I until the end of the war. It is considered one of the best tanks of World War II for its excellent firepower and protection, although its reliability was less impressive.

    The main gun was a Rheinmetall-Borsig 7.5 cm KwK 42 (L/70) with semi-automatic shell ejection and a supply of 79 rounds (82 on Ausf. G).The main gun used three different types of ammunition: APCBC-HE (Pzgr. 39/42), HE (Sprgr. 42) and APCR (Pzgr. 40/42), the last of which was usually in short supply.

    While it was of a calibre common on Allied tanks, the Panther's gun was one of the most powerful of World War II, due to the large propellant charge and the long barrel, which gave it a very high muzzle velocity and excellent armour-piercing qualities — among Allied tank guns of similar calibre, only the British Sherman Firefly conversion's Ordnance QF 17-pounder gun, of 3 inch (76.2mm) calibre, and a 55 calibre long (L/55) barrel, had more potential hitting power.
  10. Tanks can't do anything by themselves that's obvious

    So the question of which tank would win is null

    The tanks are merely extentions of the operators/crews talents and skills

    I don't know how to operate a tank, vs a skilled and trained personnel I would be still trying to figure out how to start the thing before I knew what it me

    It makes no difference which tank you have on the list there is going to be scrap metal

    How many people does it take to operate one of these tanks anyway? 4? 9? Who knows?

    Are they painted neon purple?

    Is one on a hill? Can a tank on top of a hill shoot underneath itself?

    What about landmines? Planes? Infantry? Have I already been spotted?

    Can you even ask this question?

    Which tank will win?

    Who knows
  11. Near the end of the War The American 76MM (especially those which had HVAP dominate Tiger 1s and Panthers). By dominate It means They performed almost equally in penetrative properties/gun qualities, but the shermans were more mobile and fired faster.The US also specifically developed the Hellcat to counter tigers and Panthers.
    Not to mention The Russians rolled out The Su152, Is2 (There was also is2m is3, is4 made ) T-34 85/E and Su 85 (Tank Hunters)

    Reminder. I Used the TimeLine 1945-1964 for Tanks/Prototypes

    1939-1945(Can be broken into 1939-1943; 1943-1945) is a very different Arrangement for Tanks. Early war Germans dominated. US and USSR however, had better Planes and Dominated the air, destroying Seasoned Crews/Tanks in the mid to end of the war.
  12. Piggy backing off suptis, the Germans had a lot of trouble mass producing tigers meanwhile the US could mass produce and deploy a lot more shermans and hellcats at one time which put the tigers at disadvantages quite often
  13. I vote for the A10s. We win.
  14. There's some good quality tanks here. But I think Redstar could win even in a battle royale 1vs100vs100vs100
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