Which KaWer do you most miss?

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  1. Hullo,

    I somehow came upon one of my favourite forumers profiles recently .... Ancienne ... And I thought that ... I'd make a thread to ask all of you ... Who you most miss on KaW ... Thank you ...

    P.S. I also deeply miss Suzanne and her werewolf stories.
  2. I miss neon, and THEBlade, and dilly bar, among others. LadyFarisa if any of y'all knew her.
  3. I miss Rising_Star, KKPASHA, -lLllAllDllYI--Laura--lIl1lIl-, Dakotagirl69...

  4. zxsephirothxz, JakobKD, Chancellor, Paulie, iJaxon, MissMelon, Benny
  5. Iprophet and his propaganda pieces.
  6. IGCB

    ahh igropecarebears was an ingenious name kudos to that guy

    Search his name up the acct is still here lol
  7. benny was awesome
  8. 100% second to missing ancienne... she created the greatest wall posts on my wall I have ever seen

    Also Saltyfeet
  9. I miss JadeJennyLim <33333333 too
  10. Omar for sure, dude was a beast at everything
  11. Iprophet- Was hilarious watching him act like the most important person on KaW.

    The Philosopher- His OSW threads are what turned me on to OSW

    Saltyfeet- Was just funny

    Ancienne(and her hubby)- always got baited so easily

    Troll- Had a great grasp of the game and was always funny
  12. I don't think dirty Larry would support this thread.
  13. Support for missing my bae
  14. I second the vote for Philosopher. Also, isnt salty still around here somewhere? 
  15. Salty retired and revealed his main at the sametime
  16. Her main...
  17. I always thought saltyfeet was roni.
  18. I missed saltyfeet with his forum shenanigans
  19. Saltyfeet. What was the main account?