where do u fit?

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  1. Careful he might call you a statless alt
  3. Do my shoes fit
  4. Evaluate me.

    Pick wrong and get farmed. Simple.
  5. Not well like in his own clan,fairly inactive
    Has chump written all over his account
  6. Farmed your boy domino and that noob frog.
  7. Easily, the sickest, most twisted individual ibe come across in this game.

    Abobe average.
  8. I might not like it but...


  9. My supposed main (not by a long shot). This guy is legit and hardcore.

    Abobe aberage
  10. haha thought u wanted to quit
  11. Noob
  12. Awe, look my fan boy pulled my quote! I guess your butt hurt fandom really can't keep my name out of your mouth.

    Glad to see you are back in your corner crying my name!
  13. what is a guest on a topic ?
  14. Salty cen u ples trl mi wut i um?
  15. Thank you  makes me ooze bo and stuff 

  16. I might as well jump in on this :) do me
  17. TL;dr

    Im a true legend