where’s the all star war??

Discussion in 'Wars' started by MrX, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Nothing has been posted about it, nothings been mentioned, wasn’t it already supposed to take place?
  2. Didn’t it start end of July last year?
  3. devs, bring the ASW asap before my retirement!
  4. This game is going down same path Future Combat did.
  5. Go back to Heckfire ya poof
  6. It’s true. He is a poof
  7. Lol
  8. One more reason to spend anything on growth bites the dust. Devs cant even be bothered to comment on an annual event. Smh
  9. August 3rd to 5th
  10. They should've already announced it to get ppl excited about something in this damn game.
    Better yet...wait until ppl have made other plans then announce it last minute.
  11. Do you really plan your summer around ASW?
  12. Yes
  13. Well tbf... I was at Mt Rainer for day 1 of 2016... then did the finals on a cruise ship... I legit built 3 days of my vacation around ASW
  14. It’s cute that you people still try. Lol
  15. If you guys haven’t realized it by now the devs are just going to keep churning out legends events that require minimal effort while making maximum profit until enough people wake up and stop spending money on this game and at that point the game will be shut down.
    Imagine throwing your money into a black hole thats what this game is
  16. 100%

  17. Id really like to dispute this but its like denying climate change now.
  18. More like bore star war ... 
  19. Screw ASW, what happened to FARMFEST?????

    Devs are gonna be what they are gonna be(and it’s ATA mgmt to shake sticks at BTW)

    But where’s the players that still give a damn about PvP? Not a weekend of hitting a alliance farm, but real nasty forum name calling PvP?

    I miss RZTs rants