When Was The Last Time:

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  1. Cherry pie.

    Will Sean (waste of VK badge) and Mrs Beefy get the hint that their threads really do suck ?
  2. Not today, Satan, not today!

    Why is Domo so obsessed with me? :lol:
  3. That’s your wishful thinking.

    Why does your comebacks suck ?
  4. -eatspopcorn-
  5. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

    What color are your eyes?
  6. I’m Italian. I still have family that I talk with in Italy. Up in the mountains so we are blue eyed.

    When will we get over this game ?
  8. When the app crashes and we no longer have access to it, is when we will get over it.

    What are some other obstacles to get over?
  9. You forgot that I pinned you and stripped your alt. Anyhoo maybe we can get thiis alt perm baned.

    The urge to post a lame comment in forums is an obstacle that really toys with Ella

    What is your favorite meat ?
  10. Chicken

    Here's a random one

    How many hours have you spent pondering the 'which came first, the chicken or the egg?'question?
  11. Cool story Domo

    Stripped an alt using how many accounts ?
    Pinned my alt yep .... Ella ... I don't think so
  12. Remain on topic. Further off topic posts will be summarily removed.

    Very few. The answer is egg, because reptiles came long before birds.

    When was the last time you truly slept well?
  13. That depends on what you mean by sleep, at the end of November i was put in a coma for 5 days by doctors due to an infection (I slept thru my 21st Birthday) and that was a pretty great sleep.

    Until then it was probably about 2 years ago.

    What was the name of your childhood cuddly toy?
  14. Froggy McGillins

    When was the last time you listened to bad music?
  15. Today, and most every day, because I have poor taste in music.

    When was the last time someone annoyed you at work or school? (Bonus: describe it)
  16. Last week. After training someone for over a week (it’s not that hard of a job), they continue being slow. I am over here like “What is your deficiency? Are you on something?” I am expecting they will be let go in the next week or so.

    Have you ever been let go from a job?
  17. Yes I have been. Like 2 of them

    So what do you think causes a man to lie ?
  18. Men lie for a variety of reasons. As do women. It’s human nature to lie. Some lies can save your life while other lies can kill you.

    What else has nature given us?
  19. Freedom of choice
    So then, freely given, which do you choose? Courtesy or apathy?
  20. Courtesy.

    What changes do you think happen in 2019?