When u can't back your threats

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  1. Lol the smartest thing -V- could have done is "feign" indifference and not get suckered into posting SS of his battle stats (I'm irrelevant remember?? So why pander to me AT ALL??) ...but none the less he did. What's most entertaining is he actually thought 50k steals with hardly any other action on his part or incoming was impressive and worth showing off to us? Then bs about how it's some sort of utility acct made for one purpose and then exposes his other acct which is just another HTE build (with 30k+ quests lol) ...seriously I REALLY didn't think he was that stupid.

    Then spends next few hours trying to rationalize/convince everyone how he really is a warrior?? 

    iPhone (yup I'm convinced aight)
  2. Lol farming and 1v1's have become a joke these days. Few weeks ago I got into a 1v1 with someone n was smashing him. And the grown ass man got his real life wife to come onto kaw to tell me to lay off him. XD some people are spineless bastards, in my almost 7 years I've never seen that before...
  3. Haha well maybe we had a 1v1 with the same nub cause the exact same thing happened to me
  4. PM me this guys user name please lol 
  5. PM me this guys user name please lol 
  6. Yeah every time I farm Grant he sends me a seal to make me stop.
  7. Was it MrLunatic? 
  8. Sometimes I farm my alts to feel better about myself.
  9. Don't farm yourself too much ..you'll go blind. ???
  10. If it makes you go blind then I think you're doing it wrong.
  11. ...it's what my mother told me
  12. Your mother is lying. I bet she still farms herself when she's got some time alone. If you're really worried about it but can't stop then wear safety goggles and don't rub your eyes after farming until you've washed your hands. You never can tell what those other kingdoms you farm have been touching.
  13. I heard it's a great moisturizer as well, at least that's what Trebeks mother said
  14. I think you'll find trebeks mother is also a liar.
  15. I farm yer momma ...she pays me
  16. Nah It was kilo and his wife smooth-operator. Loool when you're a 100m cs Hansel and can't handle a 50m cs hybrid, so you bring in out wife who's a garbage attack build to try n be the peacekeeper n handle your battles. Was fun farming them both for a bit xD he will probably run on forums to deny it so let's hope he does! I got dozens of ss's that will make everyone laugh!!