When u can't back your threats

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  1. You started the exchange ...break out an acct in these accts hit range you coward. 
  2. I never really understood insulting someone because they have money, what I do understand is being able to make fun of someone like you for being broke but I don't see the insult in saying someone can spend cash.
  3. Another post from you every minute, damn you are desperate for attention and to be relevant.
  4. lol I'm not insulting you because you have money idiot ...I'm prob worth more then you moron (seriously) I'm making fun of the way you spend it 
  5. Wil u gize bye me sum Seels?
  6. I will because I spend oh so much money on dis game, or so I'm told.
  7. LOLOL now you're gonna lie and say your two accts that you exposed aren't HTE builds that's you spent mucho money building??? ...come on dude forget about loosing respect for you. You're delusional dog poo ...you really think anyone tryna buy the bridge you're trying to sell? (The one your momma lives under and snags passing goats from?)

    ...come on dude 
  8. But I can't tell you enough how impressed I am by your 30k quests

    ...now that's truly an achievement that only a true warrior can do. 

  9. LOLOL and you're desperate to rationalize your crap PvP/OSW history to everyone 

  10. I have 19 kills and counting...

    I can back up. *moonface*
  11. Stop bringing up the 30k quests, 100 quests = 1 nob, 5,900 = 59 nobs (1 seal), 34,000/5,900 = 5.7, so we are looking at 5-6 seals. Which equals 5-6 trains of which he could earn about 50-60t on. Plus all banked, PvP blitz which pay incredibly, and ebs. Where's the cash he's spending, besides on xtals?
  12. ^wait really? Why haven't I done this!?
  13. But hey he has money remember?? ...why would he quest for nobs if he's so rich?? 

    And seriously anyone questing 30k+ times to earn 5-6 seals???? BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Can you please come up with something better than that?? 

  14. Yeah dude that's the secret to success in KAW quest 30+k times I guess if you quest enough you'll go build complete and make the LB one day huh??? ...yup that'll do it aight 

  15. ...he's so rich he spends money to max xtal doing quests so he can earn enough nobs to do HTE. Is that the story now??? 
  16. Well you'll see me in an HTE clan in a few weeks for an extended period of time...

    I can do 300-500 quests a day probably, which means 35,000/500 is 7... So I'll go for 10 days.. That should give me like 8 seals right?
  17. 35000 quests at 500 a day is 70 days!

    5000 steals on that account of chain reaction is hitting eb or dead accounts as the lack of inc shows it isnt a pvp or war account.

    Op talks and does nothing, he's a wall n forum warrior.

    Back on topic, i once hit a guy for over 12 months, he went to forums about me, he pretended to leave, he joined war clans to hide and he went to devs saying i was bullying - i never made a threat about how long I would farm him for though. Key thing about making threats is that you either gotta follow up on them or be laughed at. Best to just hit away and say nothing them n you both know the truth, no matter what front they put up, they know the truth.
  18. Math :-/
  19. This old school noob has the right of things. It's good to see you still here.
  20. yeah let us know how that works out for you