When u can't back your threats

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  1. What's size got to do with it? It's well known you are incapable of growing a decent account.
  2. If you are in the right alliance for you then it won't change you or how you play at all.
  3. lol wrong again  ...you are just incapable of finding them (3) 
  4. Or maybe I just don't care enough to go look for these so called accounts, cause earlier in this thread someone showed just how bad you are at fighting so it wouldn't be worth my time.
  5. Dude your battle stats are so pathetic for any CS...

    ...but seriously especially for your CS

    There really is no comparison between what you posted and what I posted. You've exposed yourself as the poseur you are 
  6. ...you just keep heeding your task masters call and do their bidding for them like a good slave does. You poseur

  7. [​IMG]

    Some solid numbers
  8. Yes those are very solid PvP/OSW battle stats ....V I used to respect you but you've exposed yourself for the noob that you are. Anyone else wanna talk smack have the courage to post your battle stats (including you Pars)...

    ...enough smack talk if you're the "warrior" you say you are (everybody) post your battle stats

  9. SO_Struggle_UL

    Both just threatened to destroy me but I've had them both pinned for the last hour XD
  10. Exactly what I thought most of you are poseurs ...talk a lot of smack but when it comes to proving your smack talk most of you (everyone but me and Skinny apparently) ya ain't got nothin' to back it with 

    ...come on smack talking cowards we showed our battle stats let's see how many more "warriors" are out there 
  11. Yes bc battle stats matter so much 
  12. It absolutely shows who the real warriors are ...can u honestly look at chains (-V-) battle stats compared to his CS and tell me he's not an HTE fairy/credit card warrior???  (come on dude)

    ...I will give -V- this with those 30k+ plus quests he's hands down KAWs all time queen of questing. If there was a questing LB he'ld def be number one 
  13. Onesy he was bragging about his 50k plus steals lol ...to him that shows he's a real warrior.  again his acct is "13" times bigger then mine ...it's so painfully obvious he's a credit card smack taking poseur 
  14. I told you battle stats was worthless but you wanted to press the issue so I just showed the acct I use for extra bars has more steals than everything you have combined. So what crap would you like to cry about now?
  15. lol yeah and this acct has more troop attack then ALL actions combined on your hte build  ..."13" times bigger and this act has half the steals yours does. Slice it dice it anyways you wanna, you're still a "pay to win" player. You loser 
  16. You're incoming stats are truly a joke. Seriously Pars prob has more street cred then you do. I guess we owe Roni an apology cause looks like everything she ever said about you is true ...you've never been in a real OSW with those stats. Like I said earlier you're a slave to your task masters. Now be a good little girl and wait in the corner till your masters tell you to max Xtal on the next strip they plan on..... That's a good little girl 

    50k steals is a joke 

    ....but you should be proud of those 30k quests you've done 

  17. lol and remember you're the one who started this exchange so either break out some accts in my hit range or drop build (lol)...

    ...otherwise you're the same as a statless alt talking BS smack that you're punk enough to say but too coward to back up

  18. Loser you said that was the one acct you "had on hand" inferring you were gonna post other accts BS ...both those accts you showed/exposed are hte builds, both pathetic and you're still a pay to win player ...its painfully obvious, but do keep up with your butthurt rationalization. You're delusion is very entertaining.

    (Roni is more warrior then you are you clown)
  19. Didn't read most of that but maybe you could grow into my hit range instead of being irrelevant?

  20. lol I think your task masters are calling you ...better go load up that net spend credit card of yours 