When u can't back your threats

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  1. You are on Moonface buddy. Dumb and disorientated?
  2. Moon face isn't pinned you moron ...not even close 
  3. BAHAHAHA then why is he dtw? Are you aware what pinned means??? Now fail spy actions :roll: :roll:

  4. One account that I have on hand. Oh what's that, I have more steals on that than all your accounts combined?
  5. From hitting ebs you fairy ...it's obvious 
  6. 50k steals from hte? Didn't know hte has a steal phase.
  7. Far out chain. Way to hijack a thread and make it all about you.

    Maybe make your own thread to post your screen shots instead of derailing someone else's.

    I'm sure everyone will care.
  8. I was asked to post, otherwise I wouldn't of bothered, and of course I made it about me, I'm the best subject someone can talk about. Don't you agree?
  9. I'm sorry I don't even know who you are. You appear to be some tool who screams "how high" when Todd tells you to jump I suppose.
  10. lol HTE isn't the only eb you fairy ...you should know since you're the queen of all fairies. Go back to hitting eb Tinkerbell. Your task masters will call upon you when you're needed to fulfill your slave duties. Until then your heiness go back to hitting eb you short bus, window licking, inbred, coat tail riding queen of fairies.

    iPhone (did I mention you're a fairy?)
  11. Well maybe if you read the banner in the ss bby
  12. lolol the acct of with the SS isn't the acct your talking on now ...34 K quests?? Whaddup with that?? 

  13. ...but even still that's another HTE build that you used to clear someone else's (your task masters) strip. 
  15. Why paint out the name when it's clearly #2 in your clan?
  16. Ikr
  17. It's -v- bloody hell. V is alright. I never thought I'd see him crawling along in an alliance though. That's new.
  18. He never gets butthurt . I know that much. He really doesn't.
  19. [​IMG]

    And that acct is less much much smaller then the one of the SS you posted, not even in hit range.
    Talk to anyone who PvPs me ..even with hansels/spy acct i mostly troop att (since its the only real way of getting a record of whats going on) ...Pars started this thread because ive been spanking him and he can do nothing about it. He put up 10mil in towers ...didnt do him much good. Im not saying im the end all to PvP/OSW but compared to your battle stats???? ...we let everyone else decide.

    Thats "one acct i have on hand" ill post others ...im really going to bed now lol 
  20. again the acct of the SS you posted is "13" times bigger of the one I posted SS of ..."13" times. You still want to make comparisons? Go on post more battle stats of other accts. Let's see 