When u can't back your threats

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  1. You pointed out his ratio by talking about his amount of wins and losses, so using that insult against me means you literally just called yourself a "window licked (on the short bus").
  2. You really are stupid ...post ss of your battle stats show everyone what a fairy you are 

    He has "3k" losses you moron ...maybe one (maybe 2) weeks of heavy OSW "MAX"

    With your stats and your "win/losses" I wonder how much money you've spent on HTE? (ALOT)

  3. You have 11k battle losses, what is your point? His ratio shows he takes more losses for every 100 wins he has than you do.
  4. I'd like to point out I don't care about ratios and don't think they are a true indication of anything, but I thought since you were laughing at someone wins/losses that I would just show that you are even more laughable.
  5. I have over 70 k losses. That's enough hits to the noggin to probably make me the window licker in this story
  6. Some people would say you are the window licker in every story tbh
  7. lol moron he's commenting on PvP/OSW like he has a lot of experience on it ...11k wins and 3k losses ain't nothing buddy. 

    ...pretty similar to your stats and your wins/losses. Now coward unless you're gonna break out an acct in my hit range or drop build (lol) you're the same as a statless alt talking smack to me. So shoo coward go back to riding coat tails and feeding devs childrens 

  8. The chain idiot is just a hte built joke. Really is
  9. Skinny bby you used to say the same about my last acct
  10. ...seriously lolol 
  11. Smokey Seu nelsonator Seu and helliance outlawz I've recently farmed......very dissatisfied by returning inc
  12. I have roughly 150k wins and 13.5k losses on this account. You have 126k wins and 11.5k losses, not a big difference there.

    Let's look at one of your other accounts. 165k wins to 60.5k losses. Let's compare that with another of mine, 88.5k wins and 57.5k losses.

    So what can we gather from this? That my accounts take roughly the same or in some occasions a hell of a lot more inc than you do for every win I have, also I'm capable of building a deadly account at the same time while you are still there on junk accounts

    But again, I don't think ratio is an indication of anything. Just thought you looked stupid. I look forward to your next incoherent post.
  13. ...we can gather that you're a fairy. My stats are from PvP/OSW. Yours are from hitting HTE
  14. Everybody knows those stats are from an eb
  15. Todd who have you even been at OSW with, against and aside. Please enlighten me.
  16. lolol alright loser I'll post SS of my battle stats it'll be pretty evident to everyone but you because your stupid ...not now though because I'm about to go to sleep lol, but I'm willing to bet you won't post your battle stats  ...you giant HTE fairy you 
  17. uhhh who the hell are you again? ...seriously?

  18. Doesn't matter who I am, don't avoid my question. Plus, you'd think after a while being in OSW you would understand you can be assassinated to pin, :roll:.
  19. Starts hitting me with alt, now pinned. Tsk, real OSW killer over here :roll:, now since I can pin on quests and others on BL you can't hit me besides fail spy actions. Wow, must've taken years to be at the standard of PvP of which you're at :roll: :roll:

    Plus 4 fail attacks even though you have better BFE and raw stats than me in that aspect. :lol:
  20. LOLO another idiot ...I'm not pinned so shut it dummy 