When u can't back your threats

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  1. "Opened to be stripped"
  2. "Shut up" "no one cares"
  3. This ^

    Me and SkinnyMinny was attacking each other and both got bored.

    After awhile of constant attacking you just get fed up/bored to the point you just attack someone else and repeat etc..
  4. Personally, I think that people stop because they eventually realize the original issue they had with that person was actually incredibly petty.
  5. Lethal_nimue contacted some board for farming him whilst he was closed during pvp. Was told that the joint effort of 10 clans would annihilate me and get me stripped and to quit. I've doubled my stats since then 
    Inc stopped after 2 weeks, tried stripping one to get it going again but alas, they gave up :(
  6. how many these butthurt threads u gonna make pars
  7. Poseur you have 11k wins and "3"k losses what do u know about PvP
  8. His battle W/L ratio is better than what yours is... Js.
  9. I opened this thread hoping for SS. Disappointed.
  10. Pretty funny you think this account is my main account tbqh.

    Skinny knows my bigger account, big man.
  11. I've been farmed a few times. By the time hits stopped. No one even remembered the reason why I was hit

    But I really think. Most come to the realisation. That some people just play the game. Without taking it seriously. So things like your phone vibrating (if you got it switched on) doesn't even matter. There's no real lost to being farmed. Especially now a days. People could out grow their farmers and a max plunder ally can be achieved in an hour. So there really isn't much "risk/reward" to farming or osw.

    Most osws are fuelled by egos or women who can't stand each other. Or rumours/ silly things like "they bought my ally" much like Facebook really. All osws and farming is. Is drama!! So it only last as long as people cares about it.
  12. My reasons and some others: Laziness, less gold, boredom, I'm playing another game, they apologize after getting them kicked from countless clans, and the majority of the time we end up friends somehow.

  14. Because I've been in PvP/OSW against much bigger odds for months ...years at a time (current) & I'm not riding coat tails in some huge alliance ....js 

  15. ...ahhh yes yer main!!!!! of course how dare I 
  16. Your growth slows.
  17. If you've been in osw for "months ...years at a time" then your ratio should show that but it doesn't really. Also not anyone in an alliance or big family is "riding coat tails"
  18. I've hit everyone and heard everything. Nobody backs anything up.
  19. Well you're an idiot where did you think those battle losses all came from? ..you're too obtuse/stupid to realize there's more to evaluating someone's OSW/PvP history from their "win/loss" ratio, if you think the "win loss ratio" shows the whole story you're truly a window licker (on the short bus)

    ....show your battle stats "big man" let's see what an EB fairy you are 
  20. lol ...dude your stats compared to your battle losses/wins ...you're a straight coattail riding fairy 

    ...HTE much hmmm?