When u can't back your threats

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  1. We've all been there "I'll farm u till u reset".....I've been guilty of it aswell making threats I didn't follow through on walls ...in pm n on forums....my most recent was a noob called toddluvsbacon who threatened in forums he would farm me for 2 years but after 2 weeks I was left inc less.....what makes us stop...is it a lack of inc back ....threats or just laziness.....here's your chance to out a noob who hasn't followed through with there threats
  2. I haven't threaten anyone... only losers threaten just do it
  3. Probably the lack of a sense that you're getting somewhere.
  4. I just eat babies
  5. We are all just waiting till the next event is over. Cant pvp without the latest and greatest eq.

    Whats that? Theres another event right after this one?

    Ok, ok. After that event then. Its not like these events are a non stop type of thing.
  6. Breeze

    He cried like a little girl bc I hit him during the pvp event. Said he would farm me till I begged for a cf. The most inc I get from him is 2 bars, 98% are fails. Why would I ask for a cf from that
  7. I'm waiting for the "ill farm u till kaw dies"

    Now that'd be worth a thread

  8. I'll farm
    You till the universe dies.
  9. For sure I'll tell every idiot I get into a fight with that there will no cease fire ever. 2-3 days in, I couldn't be bothered and usually neither can my current enemy.

    "Farm forever" is just an easy goto threat, just like calling someone out as a "war runner" is an easy goto insult.

    Booze seems to bring on the verbal dihorreah more often than not. It's all in good fun.
  10. Chino said id see him in my newsfeed one day a while back. Still waiting :(
  11. I'm kinda new so sorry if I don't know what that means...is that something people really say and what the hell does it mean?
  12. Doesn't mean much these days bad.....n u can't reset now anyways so a more relevant threat might be till u drop build
  13. What's really annoying is when you strip farm someone over and over then leave them a while to invest in allies again, so you can start the process over.....when you go to hit them you find you've outgrown them, it's just wrong 
  14. I always lose interest bc 9/10 at my size the person im having issues with turns out to be an alt that someone could give two craps about so theres no breaking them
  15. What aggravates me more than anything is when you appear in worldchat and just having a normal conversation with one person. Then outter nowhere they appear .You know the people the one's who never talk .You'd not even know they exist untill now they all spring into action.The ones SkinnyMinny famously labels " The Leeches " .Yes those bandwagon jumpers who never have talked to you before ,who never even crossed paths with you. Yet now they try talk down to you with the repetitive insults " no one cares " " shut up " etc, etc. .As if everything they speak is soo important and people live on their every word !! They only appear trying to impress the crowd who also have leeched into your appearence in wc and just desperatley saying any old rubbish to get some attention via you. The grammer insults etc, etc. Then they pretend they Zero'd you dtw yet you been already hit by every other wc leech so already 0'd before they even attacked you. Then they tell the biggest lies to try make a name for themselves at your expense. We all know once the leeches leave wc or you stop speaking in wc then they vanish and never to talk again in worldchat or to you or even attack you again .it was all only " big talk " trying to impress the crowd .Them type of idiots bug the hell outter me . And I have plenty of names who I can name are the " Leeches " of Kaw !!
  16. "Don't make me use my LB main".... I get that one a lot when I use my alt. I always ask them to please use this main and I'll use mine :lol:
  17. Ha yes Shawn SpeedyGonzales is famous for that quote I still have him say it on my wall I think . Yet never named the screennames when asked.its not on my wall anymore I must have deleted it.But test him out he will tell you about it !
  18. This. Unfortunately, it seems devs are steering the game away from pvp; there's no profit in it. Not that I disparage them that, girl's gotsta get payyyed. But the addictive, competitive nature of these events... I took a 4-mo Kaw vacay and came back feeling the loss of the events I missed!
    On the flip, I think my better answer to you, op, is 'RL stuff'. I might be all set to go toe to toe with some idiot but then my job needs me on doubles for four days straight. I'm not gonna wall the dude for a timeout, lol. I'm gonna bank and go about my life.
  19. Yeh get this a lot.......lol